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Movie Name : Sarpatta Parambarai
Sarpatta Parambarai Movie Cast: Arya, John Kokken, Pasupathy
Sarpatta Parambarai Movie Director: Pa Ranjith
Sarpatta Parambarai Movie Rating: 3/5 stars

Sarpatta Parambarai Movie Review

Sarpatta Parambarai is a Tamil-language period sports drama film directed by Pa. Ranjith, who also co-produced the film under his banner Neelam Productions, along with Shanmugam Dhakshanaraj of K9 Studios.

The film stars Arya, Dushara Vijayan, Pasupathy, Anupama Kumar and Sanchana Natarajan.

Set during the 1980s, the film revolves around a clash between two clans namely Idiyappa Parambarai and Sarpatta Parambarai in North Chennai, which also showcases the boxing culture in the locality and also the politics being involved in it

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Sarpatta Parambarai Movie Review

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Sarpatta Parambarai Movie Cast

Arya : Kabilan
John Kokken : Vembuli
Kalaiyarasan : Vetriselvan
Santhosh Prathap : Raman
Shabeer Kallarakkal : Dancing Rose
Pasupathy : Rangan Vaathiyar
Dushara : Maariyamma
Anupama Kumar : Bhagyam
Sanchana Natarajan : Lakshmi
John Vijay : Kevin (Daddy)
G.M. Sundar : Duraikannu Vaathiyar
Vettai Muthu Kumar : Thaniga
Kaali Venkat : Koni Chandran
Tiger Thangadurai : Tiger Garden Thangam

sarpatta parambarai Audience reviews

The dismay of watching a mediocre boxing film in Toofaan can be put to bed as here comes a raw sports drama that's absolutely riveting from the get go even after clocking at 3hrs. Never once you feel it's stretched as the earthy characters come out roaring one by one in Pa. Ranjith's best work till date, one that's even better than Madras. Being an activist himself, Ranjith makes films with a socio-political backdrop and Sarpattai Paramparai is no different. Here we see the 70s at a time India's PM announces emergency while TN is in rebellious mood, backed by the ruling DMK. There is also the uprising of the oppressed but the motives of the privileged are more subtly shown here, something that's novel in Tamil mainstream. Also it's not that Arya's character is whitewashed for sympathy as he lets power get to his head, losing his way and almost losing his family. Talking about the family, his wife played by Dushara Vijayan is a brilliantly written character and the actor is an absolute revelation. There are scenes where you just can't take your eyes off her. Pasupathi as the celebrated coach is flawless whereas John Vijay plays a rather unconventional yet likeable character. All said, the film belongs to Ranjith and a certain Arya who breaks many shackles to treat us with a well layered Kabilan whose penchant for boxing takes him to both the extremities in life. And he comes out swinging from the ashes for his clan, his wife, his mother, his coach but more importantly for himself. Let the clans have a go at each other with no end as Sarpatta Paramparai, without any of the fuss, is cinematic marvel that should be revered for long.

- Krishna Kumar Nair 
My view on SARPATTA so it doesn't have to be same with yours as well☺️

Obviously the main core of the plot is very simple as almost any other sports film.

There is an underdog who is interested/not interested in that sports and he trains and reaches the peak by the mid and suddenly faces failures breaking him and slowly and steadily makes a comeback with a semma climax. Same thing happened in this movie. 

Yes it has a whopping duration of 173 mins but what kept this movie engaging was the factors surrounding the core plot and the character dynamics which are both inconsistently predictable and unpredictable at the same time.

The whole premise of the movie was new and quite interesting and all the relationships between the characters were just written so well that it was very organic and didn't seemed like it was staged.

The making of this movie is just first class for a periodic film and one of the smartest decisions by Pa Ranjith was to hire a writer for this movie. It definitely added more value to this movie making it to give off vibes of reading an excellent novel. The last time I felt this was after watching Vadachennai as we would remember the character's names instead of the actor's names.

Hence, I guess that this is Pa Ranjith's reply to the groups who bashed Kabali and Kaala to remind them that he was the director of Madras and Attakaththi and that he has still have some stuff beneath his sleeves. Jz like Singaperumal from Aaranya Kandam says "Naan innum dokku aagala".

For me (again I'm establishing it's for me) I feel that this might be Pa Ranjith's career best pushing Madras to 2nd place and maybe even the best sports movie in Tamil. 

Hopefully you do feel the same and please NEVER miss this movie as it doesn't have any songs in the first half and only one celebration song at the 2nd half and a montage song(the rap from the trailer)  and there are no unwanted comedy or literally any cringe as I said earlier IT WAS TRUE TO ITS GENRE AND ITS CORE PLOT.

- Kumanes Raja
Excellent period sports movie. The first half was highly intense and  the initial 1.50 hours felt just like 10 minutes. Arya has done one of his career best performances in this movie. Hats off to his dedication and hard work.    
The art department, cinematographer has done a fantastic job . Santosh Naryananan's music is the backbone for this movie.Overall a fantastic natural sports movie . Must watch

- anandhkumar
Awesome! Dedication by Arya !!!! Mass come back by Pa. Ranjith! 👌👌 1st of 1.50hrs just went like bullet such a fast moving story, especially DANCING ROSE 🌹 Character well furnished by Ranjith!!. Put all together wonderful movie ! Hollywood la edutha box-office 🎯 ! Such a well designed story! SARPATTA PARAMBARAI DAWWW! AFTER A LONG WATCHED A GOOD MOVIE 🍿

A must watch masterpiece from director Ranjith. Acting, cinematography, romance and background score were awesome. Arya's hardwork and dedication were outstanding.The movie theaters missed this gem. overall, it is the best sports movie released after a long time.

- Naresh Kumar
Arya has done one of his career the best performances in this movie. 
Hats off to his dedication and hard work.
Santosh Naryananan's music is the backbone for this movie. 
Overall a fantastic natural sports movie. Must watch

-Ayub Babu
Sarpatta is a movie with a predictable story with a good screen presence. First half of the movie was so engaging, second was too lengthy and slowed down the screenplay.!! enjoyed the boxing sequence and especially the effort put by Arya is speachless..!! There are some hidden political truth which is screened, hats of Ranjith for that. Overall SARPATTA is a pure Ranjith's movie with some vission taking back to Madras.

- Nalin Paul
Honestly dis is one of the best boxing film ever made in Indian film history ... Arya in beast mode and all supporting staff did fantastic job and dis one 100 % big screen picture, pa. Ranjth at his best& ntg less dn Madras in all crafts....dis one definitely knock out punch.

- Vamsi KM


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