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The novel Crime and Punishment summary in Hindi by Fyodor Dostoevsky – This Russian novel is based on the philosophy of Nihilism and Superman. Its author is Fyodor Dostoevsky.

According to Nihilism – Life has no meaning. Whatever we do has no meaning. And superhuman means that some people in the society are superior than others. He has been called superhuman.

On the other hand some people are just burdens. They don’t do anything productive. It only adds to the problems of the society.

Let us read how this novel reflects both these philosophies.

Raskolnikov was a Russian young man who lived in St Petersberg. He had rented an apartment in an old building.

By the way, he was very intelligent, handsome and self-respecting. But at this point he had no money left. At the same time, he was starting to look sick. His clothes were also old.

At that time the philosophy of Nihilism and Superman was becoming very popular in Russia. Many youths were living separately from their parents’ homes.

One day Raskolnikov thinks about the concept of superhuman. He sees that some people are just burdens on the society. They keep harassing others in various ways. So killing him would not be wrong.

Then he thought of an old moneylender named Alyona. Many people were upset by that. Because she used to give money to others on interest. And in return used to take a lot of interest and interest. If she did not return the money, she used to take possession of the expensive things of others.

Raskolnikov wondered what society benefited from Alyona. She continues to do bad things to many good people. So people like him should be removed. Because only then will the superhuman take the society forward.

Then he thinks that the rules of crime and punishment are very strange. We only give punishment to him who has really committed a great crime. such as theft or murder.

But the crimes of people like Alyona remain unpunished. Due to this superhuman people get suppressed. And the whole society remains backward.

After deliberating for a long time, Raskolnikov decided to kill Aloyana.


After this he goes to Alyona’s house according to the plan. And tells him that he needs some money to buy the watch. Alyona gives him the money.

Then he goes to a cheap bar and drinks alcohol there. There she meets a man named Marmeladov. He had lost his job. And he was intoxicated from last 5 days.

Marmeladov tells him about his sick wife Katerina. And says that his daughter Sonya has been forced into prostitution due to poverty.

Then Raskolnikov brings Marmeladov to his house. And there he sees that the condition of Marmeladov’s house is really bad.

The next day Raskolnikov receives a letter from his mother Pulcheria. He wrote that Raskolnikov’s sister Dunya was engaged to a government official named Luzhin. And both of them will soon come to St Petersberg to meet Raskolnikov.

After this Raskolnikov again goes to a bar. There he hears a student cursing Alyona. The student says that if Alyona dies then this world will be very good. Apparently the student was also robbed by Alyona.

Raskolnikov then learns that Alyona was going to be alone at her house the next evening. He barely knows how to sleep at night.

The next day he looks for an axe. Then he takes an item to pawn and goes to Alyona’s house. Alyona was there alone. Taking a chance, Raskolnikov kills him.

But then his sister Lizaveta arrives. And he kills her too. Then he comes to his apartment hiding and hiding. And falls down on the sofa.

Raskolnikov wakes up the next day and looks in a hurry to see if there is blood on his clothes.
Didn’t feel Only then does he get a summon from the police. He was called to the police station.

But this was another matter. Actually his landlady had complained to the police that he had not paid the rent for many months.

Raskolnikov listens when some policemen discuss the murder of Alyona and her sister.
falls unconscious. This makes the police suspicious of him.

When he regains consciousness, he goes home. He collects the stolen items from Alyona’s house and outside the garden
presses in. Then he goes to visit his friend Razumikhin.

Razumikhin tells him about a job for which he refuses. When he comes back to his apartment, he gets a fever.

He remains unconscious for four days due to delirium. Upon regaining consciousness, he learns that his maid and his friend Razumikhin have taken care of him for four days.

Meanwhile, a doctor was treating him. And a policeman was also coming to see him. They all notice that whenever there is talk of Alyona’s murder, they get restless.

Just then, Raskolnikov’s sister Dunya and her fiancé Luzhin also come to inquire about his condition.
But Raskolnikov did not like Luzhin at all. Because he was dishonest and pretentious. Raskolnikov gets into a heated argument with him about something.

After this Raskolnikov goes to a cafe to have a meal where he finds the same policeman. Raskolnikov was about to tell him his crime that he stops again.

And remembers his philosophy. and thinks that by killing Alyona, he has destroyed the society
Well done for. But his emotions were not able to support him.

After this Raskolnikov leaves from there. But on the way he sees that Marmeladov had an accident with a car. And he lay there wounded.

Raskolnikov goes to her house to drop him. There he meets his daughter Sonya who was very beautiful to look at and gets attracted towards her. But in the meantime Marmeladov dies.

Raskolnikov gives Sonya 20 Rubles given to her by her mother. Then Raskolnikov comes back to his apartment with his friend Razumikhin.

There he sees that Dunya and her mother Pulcheria had come to live with him. Seeing them, Raskolnikov faints.

On regaining consciousness, he asks both of them to leave his room. He also asks his sister Dunya to break off her engagement to Luzhin.

His mother was very worried about Raskolnikov’s behavior. He could not understand what had happened to his son.

On the other hand Razumikhin had fallen in love with Dunya. The next day he tells Dunya and Pulcheria about Raskolnikov. He says that Raskolnikov is very good at heart.

But it is badly hurt by the bad behavior and exploitative tendency of the people of the society. He is a very sensitive boy. And thinks like a philosopher. He wants to fix the society.

That’s why his philosophical things are not understood by anyone. Due to the compulsion of not being able to fix the society, there is an anger and rage inside him.

Then all three of them go to Raskolnikov. There the doctor was treating him. He says that Raskolnikov is now feeling better than ever.

Raskolnikov then apologizes to his mother and sister for his bad behavior. But after a while he becomes irritable again. And tells Dunya to break his engagement with Luzhin. Because she will never be happy with him. But she says that she is going to meet him today. And also invites Raskolnikov.

Then Sonya comes there. She gets a little shocked seeing so many people. But then she invites Raskolnikov to attend her father’s funeral. and leaves from there.


Raskolnikov, on the pretext of getting rid of a watch he pledged, is looking into the murder case.
Goes to meet Porfiry. Porfiry was actually also a relative of Raskolnikov’s friend Razumikhin.

Porfiry asks Raskolnikov a lot of questions and answers. And Raskolnikov thinks that Porfiry may have suspected Alyona’s murder.

He then tells his friend Razumikhin what Porfiry told him. and asks him if the magistrate really believes him to be guilty. But Razumikhin did not know much about all this.

That same night a stranger comes to visit Raskolnikov’s room. His name was Svidrigailov. He was the former boss of Raskolnikov’s sister Dunya. And he was obsessed with her.

He always wanted to get Dunya. He tells Raskolnikov that he wants to give Dunya a lot of money. Because his dead wife has left a lot of money for Dunya. And yesterday his wife’s ghost has told Dunya to give her money.

Raskolnikov thinks he is crazy. And he turns down the offer of her money.


After this Raskolnikov with his friend Razumikhin at the restaurant to meet Dunya and Pulcheria
goes. Luzhin was also there. He gets irritated seeing Raskolnikov.

Razumikhin privately tells Raskolnikov that the police really suspect him of murder.

Then Raskolnikov tells everyone about Svidrigailov’s offer to give Dunya a lot of money.
wants to give Which sounds weird to everyone. They do not understand why Svidrigailov wants to do this!

Meanwhile, Luzhin gets into an argument with Raskolnikov. Luzhin becomes uncontrollable with anger and speaks such things that even Dunya and Pulcheria get angry.

Then Dunya breaks off her engagement with him. And Luzhin humiliatedly leaves from there. Everyone is happy with his departure.

Then Razumikhin says that all of them should start the business of publishing together. He starts discussing his plan.

Suddenly Raskolnikov says that from today onwards he doesn’t want to see any of them. Everyone is surprised by his words like this. Then Raskolnikov gets up and goes downstairs. Razumikhin also goes after him.

When the two look at each other, without both saying a word, Razumikhin understands that Raskolnikov had killed Alyona. Then Raskolnikov leaves from there.

And Razumikhin goes again and tells Dunya and Pulcheria that he will support them in any case.

On the other hand, Raskolnikov goes to meet Sonya. And asks him to read the story of Lazarus from the Bible and tell him. Lazarus was raised by Christ.

Meanwhile, it is revealed that a man named Nikolai had taken the crime of killing Alyona on his head. He had been arrested for several days on suspicion.

Raskolnikov felt very strange knowing this.


One day Raskolnikov meets Sonya again at her father’s funeral. There were other people there, including Luzhin.

He still hated Raskolnikov. Then he gives 20 Rubles to Sonya for funeral. But secretly also puts a note of 100 Rubles in his pocket.

Then he accuses Sonya of stealing 100 Rubles in front of everyone. Sonya denies this. But when he is searched, a note of 100 Rubles comes out of his pocket.

But then a boy says that he saw Luzhin putting the note in Sonya’s pocket. This exposes his pole. And he quickly leaves from there.

Raskolnikov thinks that Luzhin tried to defame Sonya just to take revenge on him.

After dinner, Raskolnikov goes to Sonya’s room and confesses to her that he killed Alyona. After this, he tells Sonya things related to his philosophy.

He says that some people of the society cause great sorrow to others. And such people should not have any right to live in the society. He also says that he is confused about his motives. Because when life is nothing according to Nihilism, then this murder is also nothing.

In this way both of them talk for a long time. In the end Sonya says that she should confess her crime in front of the authority.


Meanwhile, Sonya’s mother Katrina starts having a fight with the landlady. She was already sad. She goes crazy because of all this.

At night, Katrina faints and dies. Svidrigailov says that he will bear all the expenses of his funeral. He also tells Raskolnikov that he knows Alyona was murdered by him.


After confessing his crime to Sonya, Raskolnikov wanders the streets like a madman.

Razumikhin comes and meets him at the apartment and scolds him if he has really gone mad. He tells her that he has made his mother and sister very sad.

Then comes the magistrate Porfiry. He apologizes to Raskolnikov for his bad behavior. But he also says that he doesn’t believe Nicolai’s confession. And if Raskolnikov has really committed a crime, he should confess it. This will give him less punishment.

Raskolnikov then searches for Svidrigailov and asks him why he is after Dunya. Svidrigailov gets scared. He thinks that Raskolnikov will kill him too.

So he lies that now he has changed his mind. And he got engaged to a 16 year old girl.

But after this he calls Dunya to his room on the pretext of some work. and tries to rape her. But Dunya fires at him with his own pistol. But he doesn’t get a single bullet.

But when he sees how much Dunya hates him, he really intends to get her.
drop offs. After this Dunya leaves from there.

Svidrigailov tries to sleep. But in the morning he shoots himself.

Raskolnikov goes to visit his mother. and tells her that he will love her forever. Then he comes to his apartment. There he tells Dunya that he is going to confess his crime.

After this he goes to meet Sonya. She gives him a cross to wear. He then reaches the police station with Sonya.

There he hesitates again but seeing Sonya finally confesses his crime in front of a police officer. Then Raskolnikov is sentenced to 8 years in prison in Siberia.

Raskolnikov’s mother soon passes away because of this shock. After some time Dunya and Razumikhin get married.


Sonya also goes to Siberia after Raskolnikov is imprisoned. He rented it near the jail
takes one home. And often visits Raskolnikov.

Because of Nihilism, Raskolnikov kept himself away from humanity and emotions. But gradually he realizes that even nihilism is nothing like his name.

With time he realizes that he really loved Sonya. And one day expresses remorse for his crime before him.

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