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How To Talk To Anyone Book summery

  1. What to do so that you never have to think while talking that what should I say next.

Many times it happens that we do not want to talk to anyone, but we have a compulsion that we have to say yes and sometimes it happens that we run out of things to talk about. Next time if you read in such a situation, then you can use this parenting technique, in which you have to repeat the last three words of another person like a parrot in the form of a question with an expression.

Let us understand this with an example. The author says that I have a friend who always used to come to the airport for pickup. And I used to be so tired that I used to fall asleep in his car and he felt like a driver. But this time I had learned a new technique and that technique was parenting technique in which I had to repeat the last three words.

So when he came to pick me up this time, I sat in the front seat of his car and he wondered how much I would sleep every time, but I asked him where he had come from. She said that is from the theatre. So I also repeated from the theatre. Then he said yes it was a great show. On this, I again used the parenting technique and said that it was a good show.

The author says that she kept on repeating her friend’s last three words in the form of repeat questions with just one emotion and her conversation continued until her friend dropped her at her house and left. On the way, his friend told him that I really liked talking to you today, while the author did not know anything about the show.

  1. What to do so that you always have something interesting to say.

It is seen many times that we do not have anything interesting to say in the middle or in the beginning. When you are going to a party or a meeting, you select your best clothes, see matching socks, see matching toys, set your hair and that’s all important too. Because the first impression is made of these things, but what will we talk about going there. What will we say so that our image will be enhanced, people should talk about us. You don’t think about it.

Sometimes we have nothing to say. Our mind is not working and the conversation does not reach the level at which we want to reach it, for this the author says that just like you do not pick up the first dress lying in your almirah, in the same way party without conversation topic I never go

So the technique of maintaining the flow of conversation is called The Latest News. Before going to the party, invest only 15 minutes to know about important news like what is going on in the world at this time, whose government is being formed, whose government is falling, where is the fire. What’s going on in the stock market? Which new bill did the Modi government pass? If you know the latest news and use the techniques of pirating, then no matter which crowd you are a member of, it will be very helpful in increasing a good conversation, then keep in mind that friends should never go to a party or a meeting. Don’t forget to read or listen to today’s latest news. With this you can talk to people for hours.

3 How to talk to someone to get respect.

For this, the writer suggests a way to us in this book and its name is such communication, if I ask you who is the most important person in your life, then you will say wife, brother, sister, mother or father but in the life of maximum people. The most important person is himself.

If while talking to someone, you speak in such a way that there is mention of another person, then he will like you, for example, if a girl girl speaks to you. I really like your suit. Will you like this complement more or another girl who tells you this? You look great in these clothes. Obviously, we all would love the second comment as we are mentioned in it. You can impress someone a lot by changing the sentiments a bit.

  1. How to make your image in someone’s eyes without flattering him.

Many people do not like direct compliments and feel that people are flattering them. Especially if the other person is in a better position than you, then you can use grape wine communication technique to impress these people. Grape wine communication grade is a kind of informal communication.

In this, meet a close friend of the person in whose eyes you want to make your image, and you praise that person from that friend that man that guy is very nice. working very well. I like when that guy will listen to his praise not directly but through a friend that you have said such good things about him, then it will make your image very good in his eyes. Because maximum time people do evil behind their backs.

When you meet that person, you will meet him very happily. Because he did not praise you directly, then his image becomes such in your eyes that that guy praises you behind your back. Meaning he is a good person. So this is grape wine communication

  1. That way of saying thank you, by which you can win the hearts of people.

The author says that never say thank you alone, it is necessary to tell the other person that we are thanking him for what because people have spoken to each other so many times that they do not care when they hear thank you. Doesn’t matter You also have to attach a reason with the thank you example thank you for coming thank you for being so understanding thank you for waiting thank you for being like a good customer.

With thanks, when you will do the work of the front, you will see that people start taking more interest in your words and your words have started getting more importance.

  1. When someone asks you tell me what you do, what is your answer.

This technique says that do not just say that I am an engineer. If we want people to show interest in us, then we should always attach a short story with our profession to the recording of the person in front. For example, if a young mother asks you what you do and you are an advocate, instead of just saying that I am an advocate.

We can say that I am an advocate, I have fought such cases in which mothers have got maternity leave after their pregnancy so that they can take full care of their health. Similarly, if a businessman owner asks you the same question, then you can say. I am advocate. I fought a case in which an employee was punished because he started asking a personal question to his employee at the time of job interview. By attaching a short story like this, people will show more interest in you.

  1. How to Answer Questions You Don’t Want to Answer

For this, the author has given a wonderful technique which is called The Broken Record. The author understands this technique from an example in the book, she says that her client Barbara was recently divorced. Barbara and her husband both run a large furniture company together. Their divorce process took a long time and the result was that they would not be together, but they would continue to run the company jointly.

When Barbara was having dinner with the author at a party, a woman asked Barbara what happened between you and Frank. It was a rude question, but Barbara didn’t get upset and said, “We’ve parted ways, but it hasn’t affected the company.” Tried him again. Are you two still working together? Barbara again answered in the same tone. We have parted ways but it has not affected the company.

Now he asked that both of you are still working in the company. Barbara again answered exactly the same. We have parted ways, but it has not affected the company and the woman quietly left. This is the Broken Record Technique if someone is repeatedly asking you such questions, which you do not like to answer. So stick to your first answer. Word to word in the same tone every time you give the same answer as if the same line of the song is being played again and again in a broken Shirdi. This will make the questioner embarrassed to sit quietly or walk away

  1. What is the special way of talking so that people will understand that you are like their family

Has it ever happened to you that you met someone for the first time and thought that you might already know them? And be old friend, see lover call it chemistry, new friend call it instant rapport and business man call it meeting of mind. But there have been many experiments in science, which shows that the region of very cute intimacy is ECHOING, that is, if we copy other’s words to their tune, then people consider us close to us.

As an example, the author says that if you are in the party and someone you? It says that I am a lawyer by profession, then you should also use the word profession as if I am an engineer by profession and not I work as an engineer. Now it seems that what will happen with a small change.

But this is a very deep concept let’s take another example. The room where engineers work, they call it office. The room in which the advertising people work, they call it an agency. Book publishing houses call their rooms as publishing houses. Radios who call their rooms as stations. 1 The lawyer speaks the form to his room. If you want to impress these people and increase your sales, then you also have to use their same terminology.

  1. How to use your eyes to make people fall in love with you.

Friends, for this we have to use epoxy eyes technique. There must be at least 3 people to use the epoxy eye technique. You are your target and third person, let’s see how it works. Epoxy eye technique suggests that when you are talking in a group, you should focus more on your target than on the speaker.

That is, if someone in the group is speaking. So look at him less, but look more at the one who is listening, which is your target, when you do this, you will get a signal to the target that you will be interested in them and your target will also start taking interest in you.

If you find it attractive, then this technique is used by HR professionals. To judge your employees. These are the techniques police use to intimidate suspected criminals. And a romeo uses epoxy eyes to make women fall in love but this technique should be used in very selective place and at the right time. Epoxy eye techniques are very effective on women if you like them.

  1. How to Match Someone’s Mood

Has it ever happened to you that your mood is very bad and at the same time a person comes and starts talking to you in full excitement. Although you also like excitement, but at that time you will get a little irritated with that person. Or sometimes it’s the opposite, when you are very excited and someone comes and starts talking to you completely.

Often when this happens with people, in such a situation, they start trying to get away from people. Especially if he does not have a close relationship with that person. The reason for this happening is the mood mismatch. That’s why when you start talking to someone, you should first keep in mind how is the mood of the other person. If he is in a sad or low mood, then you should not talk directly with too much excitement, instead, talk a little comfort in the beginning and then gradually increase your mood and excitement level. This thing can also improve the mood of the person in front.

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