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Law of Success Summery English

Friends, you must have seen that some people are so successful in life that they are earning crores and billions. While there are some who are living in poverty and deprivation.

So why is it so? What is it that separates a successful person from others? In this book of Napoleon Hill you will get the answer of this matter.

Napoleon Hill wrote this book after studying the lives of many successful people. And 15 rules were given in it. Which successful people keep on doing knowingly or unknowingly.

You can also know about those rules by reading the summary of this book below. And then by adopting them in your life, you too can come in the category of successful people. And can live a rich and prosperous life.

1) Decide on a Goal

Friends, many times someone asks us what is our goal in life. Many people smile. And they say they haven’t thought yet.

If you also have the same answer – then change it. Sit down and think today and choose the goal of your life. Whatever your dream is, think about it. Choosing a job is not a goal. Yes, that can definitely be a stop.

Choose your right goal and do these 3 steps to achieve it.

1) Write your goal on a paper. Don’t just think in your mind.

2) What can you sacrifice to achieve your goal? Can you cut down on sleeping, or work harder than others, quit TV, read new self-help books, etc. Write all this down on paper.

3) Remember your goal at least 12 times a day.

By this your subconscious will remember what you want from him. And he will start working in that direction. And you will start giving creative ideas.

And everyone knows that one idea changes life.

2) Believe in Yourself

If you want to be successful in life then you have to believe in yourself. You have to believe that you too can become rich and successful. But many people are afraid. Due to this they lack confidence.

In this chapter, the author has told that 6 types of fears always haunt a person. They are –

1) The fear of poverty

2) The fear of old age

3) The fear of criticism

4) The fear of loss of love

5) The fear of sickness

6) The fear of death

Friends, if you are also worried about this fear, then always give yourself a positive auto-suggestion. Which is also called self-talk i.e. talking to yourself.

By always speaking positive, your fear will end. And your confidence will increase. Always learn to face your fears. This will be your victory.

If you had stopped riding the cycle due to the fear of falling, would you have been successful in learning to cycle? So keep this attitude and move towards your goal. Fall a thousand times but get up a thousand times.

3) Get in the Habit of Saving

Many people start taking car or expensive items as soon as they get their first salary. Due to which their expenses increase even more.

Like always have to spend for petrol because of the car. You have to pay a loan for the house. People can never save from this. And always live in poverty.

The author has given a formula, which explains how you should use your salary properly. which is like this :

Saving = 20%

House Expenses = 50%

Education = 10%

luxury = 10 %

Life insurance – 10%

(Means you should save 10% of your income. If your income is 40,000 then 4000 should be saved.)

So friends, you also learn to use this formula from today. You can become rich by saving. If you want to know more about it, then you read this book written by Ramit Sethi – I Will Teach You To Be Rich Summary in Hindi.

4) Become a Leader

Friends, only those people are successful who can think like a leader. do you do this?

To act like a leader, do two things:

1) Whatever your goal is, make a detailed plan to achieve it.

2) Then take action to achieve those steps.

Like what if you want to become an actor in films? Write on the first paper what you will do in the beginning.

As soon as you go for a small job, make a list of production houses where you will try, etc. After that start visiting people.

Meet a hundred, meet a thousand, but meet. Many people get defeated here. If there are 10 – 20 rejections, then they stop.

Success never comes like this. Don’t stop even after thousands of rejections. Only then you will be able to work like a leader. And will be successful. A good leader never stops. Rather, it keeps on growing with enthusiasm.

5) Be Creative

We must be creative to get success. Creativity is innate by the way. But the experiences of life can also make a person creative.

We also get new ideas from the sorrows or sufferings we get. When we have faced a problem, many times its solution also comes in the mind. In the same way, the discovery of a product also happens.

To increase creativity, think of such things that no one has done till date. There are many examples around us that show creativity – like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, OYO hotels, Ola/Uber etc.

So you also increase your creativity. But just as you have to become a Kansen to become a Tansen, similarly read as many good books as you can.

You will find many such books on this blog. who will inspire you. So keep reading them whenever you get time.

6) Be Enthusiastic

Whatever work you do, do it with enthusiasm. Many people hang their faces as soon as they hear the name of the work. When you are not interested in your work then how will it be completed.

For this, divide the work into steps. Keep taking breaks in between. Make work fun And always say – I love my job.

7) Develop Self Control

Learn self-restraint. Passion makes your work fast but self-control keeps it in the right direction.

Like getting up early in the morning. Wherever you want to go, reach on time. Don’t leave work unfinished. Don’t procrastinate. Don’t Bunk. Don’t gossip. Don’t watch useless TV. Do not stick to social media. Etcetera.

These are all things that you have to have self-control to do or not to do. Only then you will get success.

If a writer keeps watching TV all day, will he ever be able to write a novel? Or if a CEO does not go to office on time, will the company grow?

To be successful in life, fun and jokes have to be sacrificed. Once you become successful, then live life as you wish.

8) Do More Than You’re Paid For

Don’t work for money. Rather, do it to learn.

Suppose you want to set up a company. And you get a job in the same company. So don’t behave in such a way that it seems that you have come only to earn money.

Do more than what is said. If possible, help other people. This will make people start liking you. You will stand-out in the crowd. And soon you will find a place in the inner-circle.

Which is very important for success. Because only the people of inner-circle can give you real knowledge.

Like if someone wants to become a film-director, then many people do the work of assistant first. They get very little money. But those who want to be successful, they work diligently.

help everyone. Always smile. Such people are successful in achieving their goal quickly.

9) Develop a Pleasing Personality

Your personality also plays an important role in becoming successful. So you develop your personality.

For this you start with clothes. You must have seen that people working in big companies always wear branded and formal clothes. They have a special dress code.

This makes his personality look good. And people are attracted to them. It is not necessary that you wear very expensive clothes. But it is better to take 4 shirts of quality than to get 20 bad shirts.

Similarly, keep yourself clean. Take care of body odour. You can also buy items of cosmetic etc. to groom yourself.

But friends, internal beauty matters more than external appearance. Always smile, talk warmly, empathize, help others. Etcetera.

All these qualities will add to your personality. This will increase your friend circle. Your network will also be formed. Which is very important for success.

10) Think Clearly

In today’s world, there is so much noise and truth and lies around us that any person can easily take wrong decision.

A lot of lies are told in all the advertisements. Media manipulates you in different ways. In such a situation it becomes necessary that you can think clearly and properly.

For this you divide the facts into two parts.

1) Relevant facts and 2) Irrelevant facts

Pay attention to the relevant facts which are important. Don’t waste your time thinking about the irrelevant.

Suppose you have uploaded a youtube video on cancer. And someone writes in the comment that the death rate due to cancer is so much and you have told it wrong. And after that someone writes abuse.

So the relevant fact happened for you – the rate of cancer. Check it out. And if it is really wrong then edit it and fix it. Apologies can also do.

But don’t spoil your sleepless nights by reading abuse. Because sociopath people will always be in this world. Just ignore them. And focus on preparing your next video.

Think clearly in taking the same career decision. Lest four friends say that you act wonderfully, and you climb on a gram tree. And take the bag and go to Bollywood without planning.

In this way, only one will have to sleep on the pavement and will get 40 – 50 years of struggle. And even after that, it might not matter.

So think clearly that you really have talent, or people are exaggerating just because of being your friend.

Because threshold talent is there in everyone. To become successful, your talent should be above the threshold.

11) Concentration or Focus

To get success, you have to focus completely on your goal. You must have heard the story of Arjuna and the bird’s eye. That is called focus.

Some people you must have seen, first start a business. If it doesn’t work, then leave it next month and start a new one. In this way, we do 36 business in a year.

Such people end up being ruined.

This happens because such people do not know how to focus. So friends, first of all choose your favorite goal. And then get completely involved in it. At least for 1 – 2 years will have to be engaged.

12) Cooperation – Work With Others

If you want to be successful in your goal or start-up, then learn to work with others. But choose your team wisely. All the members should have one goal and the same interest.

You can find such people by interviewing.

Then you help them. Then all of them will help you too. Everyone must have some skill. Take advantage of that.

13) Failure – Learn From Mistakes

It is said that there is no failure in business. They are lessons. Because every failure teaches you whether this method will work or not.

Take a lesson from that and then find a new way.

Like initially bloggers start copy-pasting the link of their blog post on social media. Due to this their account gets blocked. So from this they can learn that spamming does not work in bringing traffic.

Similarly, every failure teaches something. Learn from that and move on. Don’t stop in despair.

14) Tolerance

Friends, be patient. Whether it is a matter of religion, caste, creed, gender, sexual orientation etc., or to react to someone’s mistake.

Adopt every type of person. Treat everyone equally. Don’t get caught up in stereotypes. Only then will you be able to move forward.

People with narrow mindedness can never move forward. Similarly, even if someone makes a mistake, give them a chance to improve. Don’t lose your temper and cry. No one will respect you because of this.

15) The Golden Rule

This rule says look within yourself. Bring courage and passion to make yourself successful. Crores of people fail because of not understanding this rule. And cannot do anything in life.

Like, why does a vegetable seller sell vegetables all his life? Or why does the tea maker only sell tea? Because they can’t look inside themselves. They do not think that they too can become successful.

While there are people who dare to do something big. Such people are running the franchise of tea and earning crores.

So friends – quit laziness and take action. And believe that you can achieve your goal. It may take time, but if you persist, success will surely kiss your feet one day.

Law of Success PDF Download

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