National Device Appreciation Day – History & Quotes

December 17th is celebrated as National Device Appreciation Day.

The day is celebrated to appreciate all the devices that help make lives easier.

National Device Appreciation Day, an opportunity to appreciate the devices that help us lead our lives, and take steps to protect those that are most important to you.

This day is a day of celebration for tech junkies.

Bring out your inner tech nerd and enjoy the day.

National Device Appreciation Day is also a day to make sure all your devices are fully insured.

A lot of us have invested in good devices that are meant to last us a very long time and as a result, those devices are very expensive. Take the day and make sure your devices are insured.

The best, most effective way to protect all of the items that contribute joy in your life is to properly insure them, ensuring that they can continue to positively impact your life for years to come, no matter what unexpected problems may arise.

National Device Appreciation Day Quotes

“Computers are one of the products in the USA that appear to be unregulated by the government which leaves consumers unprotected from flawed devices.”

“There has never been a time in human history where so many people routinely carry recording and surveillance devices.”

“We are living in a generation where people ‘in love’ are free to touch each other’s private parts but are not allowed to touch each other’s phones because they are private.”

“I thought the invention of mobile phone was to save our time & money, be we are doing exactly the opposite.”

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