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Friends, “The Richest Men in Babylon” is written by Georg S. Kalasson. The author was a retired soldier who later became a businessman. One of his books is the most famous story on Financial Advice.

The ideas of this book are really effective and are of equal use in today’s present life. It contains a story about Ancient Babylon. The main theme of the story is to explain the 7 basic principles of money management in such a way that it can easily be understood by all.

As if ,

Save at least 10% of your total earnings in an investment fund for a better future
Spend the 90% that is left with you and if possible, make some savings in that too.
Invest whatever capital you have in such projects, which will earn you compound interest and keep you safe, steady income.
Invest in those places in which you have good knowledge or in this matter take help of those people who have better experience in investing.
Take your own house so that you can save on rent money every month.
Take a realistic insurance program.
Find more than one way to earn money that will increase your income.

Chapter 1 – A Historical Sketch of Babylon & Chapter 2 – The Man Who Desired Gold

This chapter begins with the story of Bansir, a Babylonian. One day he was sitting on a wall thinking about his situation. Then his friend Kobbi came to him who wanted to borrow some money from Bansir.

Bansir and Kobbi were friends for years, but at that time Bansir did not have money to give Kobbi, so he refused Kobbi. Infect he himself was going through money crunch.

Kobbi was very disappointed after hearing this and both started discussing the problem of money. Both realized that perhaps their sons would also remain poor for the rest of their lives because they too were following their footsteps.

When their discussion reached an important point, both realized that they had to find ways to earn more money. Both of them were weeping about their situation when they remembered their friend Arkad, who was the richest man in Babylon.

Both decided to go and take the help of their friend. Both went to him and told him their problem, then Arkad told them about the law of capital making.

Although everyone accepts that money is not everything and some things cannot be bought with money, but it is also true that money is considered the second name of success in this world, and only about this perspective. People take richness as a scorecard.

Success is also represented by money because with this money a person can do whatever he wants. Having enough money nearby, a person can buy all kinds of happiness and enjoyment for himself.

Different people also have different needs. Due to which people often have cash crunch and sometimes they are not able to pay their bills on time.

Due to such a tightness of money, many times people understand that maybe money does not want to come to them. But this is not the case. The truth is that there is a lot of money, but for those who know the law of amassing wealth.

If you also want to add a lot of money, then the batter will be to learn to spend less. Instead of regretting the sorrows of the past, spend both money and time wisely and at the same time focusing on the Laws of Acquisition of Money will be a benefit mindset for you.

We have been seeing this for centuries that some people always have more money than others. Many people consider it to be good luck or it may be that they have added so much wealth by being skimpy.

Well, whatever it may be, but for those who consider it to be just good luck, there is as much chance of becoming rich in life as ever getting a jackpot, and those who depend on hard work and keep working for hours, they get rich. Chances are higher.

This is a simple approach that can be collected by saving money and by following some simple rules, you can double your money. We just have to follow these rules and if we do little effort, we can definitely earn a lot of money.

Chapter 3 – The Richest Man in Babylon

When Bansir and Kobbi met Arkad, they asked him how you are so lucky that you are rich. He was also like him. He had studied the same way and was once as poor as him.

Both of them may have worked harder than Arkad, but still Arkad was more money. In response to this question, Arkad told that once he had worked with a very rich man, Algamish. In return, he asked the rich man the secret of his wealth.

So the man told her about the “laws of making capital” which he himself had applied in his own life. Arkad also started following the same laws and on seeing he also became rich. What Arkad had learned about money was also conveyed to Bansir and Kobbi.

The first and most important basic method of money saving is to set aside 10% of your earnings, and try to meet your expenses in the 90% that is left, and if you can save even from this remaining 90%, then more It’s great too.

If you want to deposit a lot of money, then there are two most important ways that you have to apply. The first is time and the second is study. When we talk about time, everyone has it.

But the trouble is that some people use this time to become even poorer. They engage themselves in so many activities that they do not have time for money making laws.

When you indulge yourself in so many activities, then your time passes but it will not accumulate wealth.

On the other hand, when it comes to study and research, there are two types of lessons that can be of use to those who want to earn money. The first is about a specific subject and the second is how to find it, which most people do not know. Both these types of learning are valuable and also useful.

Given below are some basic principals which are very useful for making money.

Whatever you earn, make a habit of living with it at least. When people comfortably pay all their bills at the end of the month, then they get the feeling of being rich and wealthy.

But being rich doesn’t mean just paying the bills or buying things. Rather it really means that you pay yourself first.

When you can pay the rest of the bills every month, why can’t you pay for yourself first? Paying yourself ten percent of your earnings will help a lot in your future.

This is a very beneficial way to add money in Actual. The real change in life will come when you will first pay for yourself at the beginning of every month.

If you can do this, you will definitely learn to withdraw the entire month from the rest of the money and in turn your capital reserve will gradually increase.

Always take their advice which is best in this matter. Now as if you are sick, then you have to go to the doctor and not the plumber. Same thing applies here as well.

If you want advice in something, then you should go to the people who are expert in it. After all, an expert’s advice is always important.

When you start building capital for yourself, start with small investments but at the same time ensure that your money goes to a safe place. Do not invest even a single penny without investigation or else your money will go to waste. Always remember that not every investment is genuine. So you need to be very careful in this matter.

Chapter 4 – Seven Cures for a Lean Purse

In this chapter, the writer shares seven secrets to keeping your purse full at all times. Here are the intake techniques:

The first thing you have to learn is how to keep your purse full all the time. You just have to follow a simple rule. For example, if you put 10 coins in your purse that you have earned, then only spend 9 coins out of it. Save the remaining 1 coin. By following this rule, your bag will start filling up faster and soon you will learn to manage your 9 coins.

You have to control your expenses. Normally it is believed that people spend the same as their income. But this is absolutely wrong because money making is against the law. So even if your income increases, you still have to reduce your expenses. Don’t confuse your desire with needs. To increase your money reserves, invest the extra income in any investment tool.
Everyone buys a little bit of gold, so try to multiply your gold so that you will have a lot of gold, then you can invest it in loans or other opportunities. Because gold is something that multiplies very quickly.

Keep your deposits protected from any kind of unexpected loss. It is very important to protect gold or other investments carefully. Do not dream of becoming a millionaire overnight or else you may lose your treasure. Think twice before making any investment and take expert advice.
Make your property a profitable investment for yourself. For example, if you have an extra house or land, then put it on rent. Due to which you will get extra income every month and then you can reserve that money or invest it further.

Everyone should do some work for future income by making a plan. In short, you will have to arrange any kind of future income for your children, parents or your old age. For this, invest your money in the house or land.

Chapter 5 – Meet the Goddess of Good Luck

Those who accept the right opportunity, good luck also knocks on their door. Good luck is something that everyone wants for themselves. We need good luck in our life, in business or in any work.

But many people think that “good luck” is a gift from God. But in reality good luck is nothing but opportunities which we get in life so that we can change both our time and luck.

Now who would be the one who does not want good luck in his business or career. But unfortunately, many people are not able to take full advantage of the opportunities in life due to their procrastination.

Whatever opportunity we get, we should take full advantage of it. A person should have so much ability that he can understand any kind of business proposal.

This is a strong and effective way to attract good luck, which is better than sitting empty handed. Some people keep waiting as if everything will come in front of them in silver plate but it is not happening because you have to create your own good luck and it will be hard work.

Chapter 6 – Five Laws of Gold

Here are five laws of gold which are as follows:

  1. A person who saves one tenth of his income can easily deposit gold for his and family’s better future.
  2. Those who invest in gold in a productive way, it gives them profit very quickly and in a decent way.
  3. Intelligent people who invest it correctly in the right place, only they have gold.
  4. Those who wrongly invest gold anywhere, they do not get any profit from gold, but there is a loss on the contrary.
  5. Gold Greedy runs away from people who use it to make profits that are impossible in a way.

Chapter 7 – The Gold Lender of Babylon (The Gold Lender of Babylon)

In this chapter, the story moves on a slightly different track. This story is about a spear maker who gets a Fifty Piece Gold gift from Raja. If he wants to make good quality spears, then the spear maker Rodan goes to a money lender named Mathon.

Rodan wanted to get monetary advice from Mathon as he had no specific idea about it and also told that his elder sister wanted some money for her husband Araman so that he could become a merchant.

After listening to Rodan, Mathon tells him that he will tell him two different stories, which he may hear and make a better decision. It is common to help your friends, but if you are helping, then do something in such a way that it does not do any favor to your friends.

For example, for example, Mathon narrates the story of a farmer who knew the language of animals. One day in the evening, the farmer was passing in front of his stable, when he heard the bull talking to the donkey that “My work is more difficult than yours because I have to plow the whole field while you only give the farmer your ride. “

After listening to the bull, the donkey said that “you pretend to be ill tomorrow, then I will do your work.”

On the second day, according to the plan, the bull got sick, so the farmer instead employed the donkey for plowing the field. In the evening the bull thanked the donkey for helping him so much and giving him a chance to rest.

It was the story of the true friendship of the bull and the donkey that Mathon told Rodan. Now the second story is like this,

Mathon once asked Rodan if it would be considered a loan in true sense if the borrower could not repay it. Mathon himself also answered his own question, he said that there are three types of borers.

Those of the first type who take more loan than their capacity. Those of the second type who borrow loans according to their capacity and also make returns easily, and those of the third type who do not have any property and do not have any solid source of income. These people take loans but are never able to make returns.

So these third type of people should never be given loan. There are also some other short stories related to this such as there was a woman who had borrowed money to make her son a merchant.

When he gave his jewelry to be mortgaged, Mathon could not refuse it. Mathon liked the idea that real security i.e. gold could be pledged in lieu of money so that the lender would also not be in loss. Basically it was a wise purpose.

Moral of the story is that you can provide loan to people for extra income. But before lending to anyone, make sure that the borrower will be able to return your money or not.

If your money gets stuck then it will be a big loss for you. Therefore, it will be better to be a little alert so that you do not have to repent later. Always take care of your safety first.

The first lesson we got from both these stories is that don’t carry the burden of others and the second lesson is that giving money on loan is a great idea to increase your income. But lending money for pointless pleasure can also cause you a loss.

Chapter 8 – The Walls of Babylon “The Walls of Babylon”

An outstanding example of a human’s needs and desire for protection. This chapter tells the story of a soldier who was a guard at the Gates of Babylon. The Walls of Babylon was very popular due to its one hundred and sixty feet height.

Once an anime attacked Babylon. The fighting continued for four weeks, but then due to the height and thickness of the wall, the enemy conceded defeat and withdrew.

What we can learn from this story is that we can guard ourselves from any unexpected tragedy if we want. You just need to keep calm.

Chapter 9 – The Camel Trader of Babylon (The Camel Trader of Babylon)

This chapter is about a hungry man who was hungry for two days so he stole two figs and ate them and ran away before he could be caught. Then a man named Dabasir collided with the hungry man whose name was Tarkad.

Dabasir was once a slave in Syria. Once upon a time, he used to help his father in his saddle making business, but because of his extravagant lifestyle, he spent all the money.

Borrowing had gone on his head and his wife also left him and left. Dabaseer took Tarkad to a dhaba and fed him food and drink. He told Tarkad the tragic story of his life, how he was living a life of slavery in Syria and had somehow escaped from there.

Then he found a new master who hired him as a guard to look after his wives’ harem. Luckily his master’s eldest wife said that they already had too many guards, so Tarkad was given the job of looking after the camel.

And in this way a person who was suffering from poverty by sprinkling everything got a chance to live a good life again and he was now free in every way. From this story we can understand that where there is determination, there is a way out.

Chapter 10 – The Clay Tablets of Babylon (The Clay Tablets from Babylon)

This chapter is divided into five tablets. The story of Dabasir is given in more detail in each tablet. It tells how Dabaseer cleared all his debts and started living a healthy and wealthy life with his life.

In tablet number one, Dabaseer followed the law of capital making and saved one tenth of his celery every month. When he came back to Babylon, his wife also returned to him and the two lived happily ever after.

Dabasir used to fill all his bills with the seven tenth of his earning, then he would withdraw the entire month from the remaining money. He used to pay off the debts of the creditors with the remaining two tenths.

In the second tablet, he used to split cent money on his two teeth. Then he used to make a list of creditors and see how many people he has to pay or how many people have to pay his money.

In the third tablet, Dabasir admits that he had done some very stupid things when he was in Babylon. Some of his creditors used to curse him for his actions, some used to threaten him to return the money and some used to request that he repay their money. But this time Dabasir made a firm intention that he would give everyone every penny.

In the fourth tablet, Dabaseer claims that he and his wife are now happily living a healthy and wealthy life. The money making law that he had applied in his life had brought his life’s vehicle on track and he was no longer a slave but a respected man.

In the fifth tablet, Dabasir has said that it has been twelve months now and he has paid off all his debts. By splitting his earnings two-tenth, Dabasir had paid off all the debt by paying equal amount to all his creditors.

Chapter 11 – The Luckiest Man in Babylon (The Luckiest Men in Babylon)

A new character has been introduced in this chapter named Sharru Nada who was the merchant prince of Babylon. He too was once a slave. She shared the difficulties of her life and also told how she got rid of all the problems,

And now he had enough money to buy his own freedom. Although he had become a merchant today, there was a day when he was not sure whether he would be able to quit his master’s job or not. The truth is that work is the key to wealth. So he worked very hard and became a successful merchant.

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