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The 5 Second Rule Book Summery

Push yourself and take control of the situation. This book motivates us to change our behavior and change life with less fear and more courage. It uses the science of Habits, Stories, and surprising facts. Explains the power of Push Moment. By using the simple concept given in it. By becoming effective and confident, one can gain control over their life. Mel Robbins, the author of the 5 Second Rule Book, is a CNN commentator, television host. Motivational speaker. He is also the contributing editor of Success Magazine.

Unlock your potential in 5 seconds. It wouldn’t be nice if getting better was as simple as counting down the count from 5 to 1. Well, you’re lucky. Because you will find all this in the summary of this book. By counting from 5 to 1, you can get how much. How about something that is so simple. can make you better. This little countdown takes away your hesitation. which resides in all of us. It drives us forward. By which we can be motivated to reach our full potential.

What is the 5 Second Rule?
Many years ago the author Mel Robin was very unhappy with his life. She thought every day that she would change herself now. Instead of sleeping late, she would wake up early in the morning. But whenever the alarm rings. She went back to sleep, pressing the snooze button. She used to think that I should also be fit, do exercise. But his drinking habit was not getting rid of him. Because of which, she was quite out of shape. He had no job. The business of her husband’s restaurant was going into a lot of loss. Everything was going very bad. That’s why she was tired of such a life.

Suddenly one night, he saw something like this on TV. Which changed his life. By watching the program on TV, he got such a trick. Because of which, his whole life started changing. Now the other day, he didn’t set off alarm like every time. Rather she got up the first time. After this he put on his running shoes. Started running in the morning. He then ended his alcohol habit with the help of the same trick.

In a few months, bring many such changes in you. As a result of which, he got a great job very quickly. On CNN Channel, of a TV commentator. After this, gradually she and her husband cleared all their debts. Saved your restaurant business. But that was not all. After that, she became quite rich and famous as well. He wrote his book. Then became a great speaker. For them, everything was coming true like a dream. Just because of a trick, which he started applying in his life.

Trick No. 1
The Rule of 5 Second
Now this question must be coming in your mind. After all, what did Robbins see on TV that night? He had seen the program of NASA on TV. In which a rocket was being launched. Yes, you thought right. Seeing this, he got the idea. The idea came when Robin took notice. How about when a rocket is about to be launched. There is a countdown before that – 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Just when the countdown reaches one. Then after that, whatever happens. Then don’t back down. The rocket is launched. Then whatever the outcome may be.

 This same idea grew in Robin's mind as well. Instead of the rocket, he started using it for himself. For example, when the next day the alarm goes off. He didn't feel like getting up. So he remembered the same idea. Then started counting- 5,4,3,2,1. She just got up again. After this, when he was not in the mood to go running. So again, he used the same trick. He started the countdown in his mind. Then immediately put on the shoes. After counting down again, she left without thinking.

Like this, no matter how many times, he does not have the heart to do his work. So, he used to speak only this simple thing by making a habit. Which gradually changed his whole life. Most of the people want to earn extra money. Want to start Startup. want to stay healthy. I want to be in a good relationship. But he is unable to take any action related to it. For several thousand reasons. They think so. But in reality there are only a few reasons, not thousands. which prevent them from taking action. This 5 second rule fights them all one by one.

Trick No. 2
The Greatest Habit
How important are Habits? You know, who decides. What will be your destiny, your future. You probably know this too. Every habit is made in 3 steps. 1st – CUE, 2nd – ROUTINE and 3rd – REWARD. Understand it like this. You find a friend of yours. With which, you always smoke cigarettes. So for you, it is CUE to have that friend anytime you meet. that triggers you. Come on, let’s smoke a cigarette. Then both of you go to a specific shop together. Which becomes a routine for you.

It teaches you to take a specific action. Finally, you smoke a cigarette. Which gives you nicotine. You feel good. This is your REWARD. This is the cycle. So that you get addicted to that habit. Similarly, every habit is formed. Be it good or bad.

Now with reference to this rule, when you say 5..4..3..2..1. So this thing acts like a CUE. Because your brain knows that something will happen after 1. which is universal. When you take any action after the countdown. It can be any action. By this your brain, not just keep thinking. Rather, taking action becomes a routine. Eventually you feel that you are in control. Which gives one the best feeling, emotionally, to the human being.

Trick No. 3
There is a very important concept of Psychology. Which was taken out by Julia Rotter in 1954. She calls it – Locus of Control. Whoever says this, the more you have to believe it. Your life is in your control, your action, your future. The more you will be happy in your life. The more you become successful also. So whenever you count up to 5 to 1. So with this you make a routine, just a small one. But you take an action.

This thing gives you a lot of in control, feel. Yes, I am changing my life. Meaning things are happening not on their own, but because of my decision. which is the best way. To build any habit. It is the best way to end any bad habit. Replace it with some good habit. Which does the 5 second rule very well.

For example, Mel Robbins didn’t feel like exercising whenever. So instead of drinking alcohol, she used to countdown. Then wearing shoes, used to go out for light running. Which used to make him feel in control. Helped them to change.

Trick No. 4
Inner Wisdom
Whenever you set a goal. So a list of things opens in your mind. I have to do this, I have to do that. From then on, whenever you get closer to your goal work. So your brain triggers you. do this work If you have thought that you have to be fit. So whenever you go to a gym. You will see a bodybuilder doing a workout. Then your prefrontal cortex will be activated. He will say that you should also workout. This is also your natural instinct. Your inner wisdom. Which you should always listen carefully.

Whenever it comes to you. So immediately act by saying 5..4..3..2..1. For example, when you are sitting near a mobile like this. You were doing timepass. Then your inner wisdom speaks. Let’s do some work related to our goal. So whenever it happens. So countdown immediately. Then take small, but goal-oriented action. Because if you don’t. Then your brain will start counting you problems one after the other. All this will happen because of an effect. Which is called – Spot Light Effect.

Trick No. 5
Spot Light Effect
On some boys, an experiment called Barry Manilow T-shirts was done. In this he was made to wear an embarrassing t-shirt. Then he was asked to walk into a room. where there were many people. Now after running into that room, the boys were asked. what do you think How many people would have noticed your embarrassing T-shirts. Then on this average boys said – at least 50% of the people must have seen it. Whereas in actual 20% or less people noticed. The author says that even those 20% of the people, would hardly have made any difference. From the fact that the boys are wearing embarrassing t-shirts.

Because every person thinks more about himself and not about others. That's how you would know. The tagline of NIKE is - Just Do It. Those who usually speak targeting the athlete as well. But why so? Tagline could have been Do It too. What was the need to write Just Do It? There was a need, because they also know. Why not be a great athlete. Even before he takes action, hesitation takes place. This hesitation, which keeps on creating unnecessary brain. She can be dangerous. So Just Do It. Fast action is important.

The author says that there are 3 big obstacles in not taking our action. First of all our own brain. Second success or we can say, Mediocrity means comfort zone and third is Fear. Here we will focus more on the brain.

Trick No. 6
Two Mods of Brain
See it in very simple term. So the author says that there are two modes in our brain. First – Auto Pilot Mode, which if understood like this, without thinking about the way. We reach our home. Then you think, oh man! When did you reach here? Did not realize. Second- Directed Thoughts. Whenever a person is resting. So it’s usually on autopilot. Whenever he has to take any action. Then he has to direct his thoughts. Your Prefrontal Cortex has to be activated. Do this – do this.

Which maximum time our brain does not like. If you do, ask yourself too. Then you will give a definite answer. What exactly should you do? What actions have to be taken? If you want to be fit, what to do? What if you want to earn money? But we don’t do that all the time. Because our brain does not want us to work. That’s why then he starts giving us excuses. No, don’t workout. because you’re tired.

Don’t work on goals. Because there is no use. You will fail. You don’t have any knowledge. In the same way, he starts giving us many excuses. He does it all, with in 5 seconds. That’s why when we start applying the 5 second rule. By counting down, we will start taking action immediately. So this simple trick will fight with all the problems.

Trick No. 7
If you are asked how old does your brain grow. So you would say that from 18 years to 25 years. Until a few years ago, people used to think so. Our brain grows only for 25 years. But plasticity research shows that our brain can grow throughout life. That’s why we can learn new things. We can be of any age. We can adopt any habit. Perhaps a pattern must have been formed in your mind right now. that won’t let you work.

But when you apply the 5 second rule. So this pattern will change automatically. For example, when a child presses his hand on the sand. So his hand prints get printed. Similarly when you apply this rule. So in your mind, its prints will continue to be made. In which the countdown of these numbers will be directly linked. By taking your action. Which in future, will help you more in taking action.

So To End
Whenever your inner wisdom tells you to do anything related to goals. So you do it with in 5 seconds. Take action as soon as possible. Without giving time to your brain. Means by saying 5..4..3..2..1 immediately. Take some actions, related to goals. What are the steps to be taken? Write it in your mobile or on the copy. Don’t waste time by hesitating. You can change your current behavior by using the 5 second rule.

By replacing bad habits with good habits. The 5 second rule will help you. In controlling your thoughts and actions. You cannot control how you will feel. But you can control how you will act. To be ready, stop waiting. Because you can never be ready. Direct action has to be taken. Replace disturbing thoughts with things for which you are grateful.

The 5 Second Rule PDF Download

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