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The Laws Of Human Nature Book Summery

LAW NO. 6: Elevate your attitude.

Always keep a distant thought. Never let your attitude fall prey to new trends. Stick with what you prioritize starting with, based on your long-term goals. This is the only way to happiness and success.

For example, King Phillip 2 of Spain, who was very fond of paperwork, used to spend most of his time in unnecessary confusion. One day he declared war on turkey. This decision was taken without thinking too far, the result of which was that this war lasted for 14 years and Spain got only loss.

So friends, always keep your attitude high and always take a decision after thinking far away.

LAW NO. 8. Change your circumstances by changing your perspective.
You are not a pawn but you are a player. Mind and body are one and ye affect each other.

Don’t see yourself as limited by birth strength: think that you can grow and improve. Because we become what we think.

A positive approach leads to a better situation.

Let’s understand this with an example – when Franklin Roosevelt got polio, his mother tried to keep him locked in the room due to his negative thinking. He felt that he could never recover again. But Roosevelt’s wife, Eleanor, knew he could be fine. He changed his perspective, giving a new direction to Franklin Roosevelt’s life and dreams.

So friends, you can also change your circumstances by changing your attitude, so you only have to maintain the positivity inside you. If you think positive things for yourself then only positive will happen with you.

LAW NO. 9: Face your dark side.

We internalize all the ideals of our culture like “being nice” and social values, which are often essential for the smooth functioning of our society. But in this process a large part of our personality is pushed into a repressed corner which is called “Jung” Shadow.

If you embrace this dark side of your personality and accept it, you can use it for good and move towards your goals.

So now let’s see how you can use this shadow to bring about a change in yourself.

Find the shadow within yourself (Search for the opposite symptoms in yourself like emotional instability, insecurity.)
don’t try to run away from it
Embrace this dark side of your personality as well.
Use it properly (like it to increase your appetite for success.)

LAW NO. 11: Know Your Limits
Friends, we all feel the need to feel superior to others. But the more we are successful, the better we feel, which breaks your relationship with reality. Your understanding of right and wrong ends and you lose your success.

So understand your needs to be the best.

Concentrating the energy, focus deeply and completely on one thing. Focus on a goal that fits your potential and goes as far as you can.

In this the example of Michael Eisner is most appropriate because the higher he climbed the ladder of success, the more he fell badly. The man who created giants like Disney and ABC had a bad business end and this was because Eisner had blindfolded his superiority after a few big successes.

LAW NO. 13: Proceed with a sense of purpose.
Youngsters like you should experiment with different things to find their true passion and purpose. We all know that the biggest obstacle to achieving our objective is those difficult moments filled with pain, hardship and boredom caused by hard work.

Martin Luther King Jr. Life is a great example of this.

LAW NO. 14: Resist the Group’s Downward Pull
We humans are attracted to the group, we like to lose ourselves in the energy of the group. We feel the need to fit in. We like to tell ourselves that we are free, but in reality we are not: people around us pressurize us. It is better to take advantage of this truth than to deny it.

Take your group in a positive direction. A collective sense of purpose gives rise to persistent productive feelings. By becoming the leader of your team, save yourself and your group from toxicity and other such negative thoughts and let good thoughts flow in it.

For example, whenever you try to fall, your group may hinder you by giving you a walk or other lure. You have to avoid such situations through your determination.

LAW NO. 15: Teach them to follow themselves.
She was determined that she would make her name on the strength of her work. He not only pulled England out of economic recession but also gave it a better direction. Elizabeth believed in doing everything herself. He devoted many hours of his life to the subjects, due to which the love of the people kept increasing for him.

We should also learn from this and understand that people’s love for a leader should be not only because of his leader but also because of his huge personality.

In fact, people love and hate a leader, you just have to be an example that he should follow.

LAW NO. 16: Law of Aggression

Society teaches us to hide our anger since childhood. But no matter how hard we try, we all have aggression, so it is better to use it properly than to hide it. Because if you do not do this, then someone else who knows how to handle his anger will dominate you.

Pay attention to your gestures which always dominate you. Let us understand this with the example of John D. Rockefeller. Whose success story is considered one of the most remarkable stories in history.

In a very short span of time (some twenty years), he rose from the bottom of society to become the founder and owner of the largest corporation in America and soon thereafter emerged as the richest man in the world.

If seen, they were neither very intelligent nor very lucky. But he dominated every situation and opponent and used every opportunity to the fullest. We will call this type of energy as aggressive energy.

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