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Hello friends In this book summary we will talk about the book written by Eckart Tolle, The Power Of Now. Come friends, let us know through The Power Of Now Book Summary, how our current power is.

Friends, The Power Of Now provides a special method to end suffering and get inner peace, to live fully in the present and separate yourself from your mind.

This book also teaches you to detach yourself from your “ego” – the part of your mind that seeks control over your thinking and behavior. It argues that by doing so you can learn to accept the present, ease the pain of your experiences, improve your relationships, and enjoy a better life in general.

The Power Of Now Book Summary

About The Author

Eckhart Tolle is a Spiritual Teacher and Author who gives advice to the people and coaches. Eckart Tolle is called the father of Modern Maditation.

Why we should do Focus on our Present? (Stay in your Present)
Friends, we keep wasting our time by getting stuck in Regretful Past or worrying about Uncontrollable Future.

The Crust of Tolle’s Practical Philosophy is to be in the Present Moment so that, we can avoid the maximum pains which we usually experience.

Friends, one moment, we are regretting or regretting, the same next moment, we are making plans or worrying. In the meantime, we neglect a moment which is completely available to us:- That is Present Moment.| Right now only the present is important because, nothing happens in the past or the future; Things happen in a continuous stream of Present Moments.

Friends, what we call Past is actually a collection of Present Moments which have been done. Similarly, Future is also a collection of Present Moments which has not happened yet. This shows that worrying about the past and future is not beneficial.
The advantage is to stay in Now/Present. If you learn to live in the now, then you do not experience a big problem, the problem that comes appears small, which you can easily solve.

So friends, stop sticking to the past and stop the fear of the future, you will see how dramatic changes come in your life.

Pain – which does not allow us to live in the present
Friends, despite living in the present, we have to face pain. During this, in order to deal with Physical and Emotional Suffering, we have to understand this pain very well.

Friends, Pain, for those external things, is nothing more than a Self-Created Inner Resistance, which you cannot change.
When you are unsatisfied with things, yet do not feel powerful enough to change them, you experience pain. At the emotional level, pain presents itself as a negative feeling.

You think a lot about the past and the future, but you can only live in the present. Because of this, you cannot change many such things from which you are Unhappy. And it develops an inner resistance to things in you – which you experience like As A Pain.

When someone bothers or frustrated you, and you are getting angry. So your Pain Body takes control over you. Anger covers your ability to think. And after getting angry it leads us to pain. We feel that anger comes from outside, but no friends, it comes from inside. This shows that it is Self-Created and we can control it.

Mind is Responsible for Pain. It fills your entire life with regretful memories and worrying Future Scenarios, by constantly planning for the past, or future. In doing so, it prevents you from being in the present. The result is that because you can’t change your past or future, you’re constantly worried about things you can’t possibly change. And this causes pain.


Friends, Tolle further explains about Ego – ego. Ego is part of our enjoyment, which prevents us from being happy.

Have you ever wondered why some people harm themselves? However, no one wants to be sad, then why are so many people unhappy? The reason for this is Ego – a part of your mind, which controls your thoughts and behavior without you noticing.
Ego cannot be easily absorbed, most people do not know how Ego controls their life.

Ego or Ego takes you into a situation of conflict with others, and makes you unhappy with your current state, so that it can control your behavior and thinking.

For example when two egos come together then drama is created. People want to live peacefully in offices at home, but their egos force them to react to issues on small shortcomings.

EGO is a destructive part of our mind. And it wants to be the most prominent part of the mind. It knows no limit, friends. That’s why when you let the coming Ego take control of you, then it hurts us later.

Ways to separate EGO from yourself:-
Just as darkness cannot be near light, it is difficult for an ego controlled person to be near a person who is in a present moment for a very long time. Strong Opposites cannot exist in Close Proximity. If you keep a candle in the dark, the darkness disappears. If you put water in a fire, the fire is put out.
Friends, if you want a Richer and Almost Painless Life, then separate from your mind and focus on your body. The power of the ego is one of the many reasons why it is important for you to separate yourself from your mind and focus more on your body. Actually, great teachers have talked about the importance of focusing on the body instead of the mind.

Our body knows what is important to us. By listening to your body, you can make a clear image of what is important in your life.

When we come to know that our mind is feeling pain, due to which we are not able to live in the present, then we have to separate it from ourselves.

While concentrating on the mind and ignoring the body, no one has ever attained enlightenment. A different example can be seen in Buddha’s six-year sadhana (Including Fasting), in which he separated his body by ordering it from himself. Result? They actually felt separate from their body, but not from Peace or Enlightened. He gained knowledge only after leaving these practices and once felt with his body.

To detach yourself from your mind, you must also be fully aware of it and the effect it has on you. Otherwise, you will never understand the countless small and subtle ways that influence your thinking and behavior – and therefore affect your happiness.

To observe the mind, ask yourself consciously what will be your next thought. When you do full focus on this question then you will see that it takes some time to come next Clear Thought. Through this observation, you can make a gap in the flow of your thinking. Which will benefit you immensely.
This observation helps to break the branch of irregular thoughts running in our mind. With this, we can easily separate our mind from our body.

Active Waiting State

Friends, when we learn to separate ourselves from the mind, then you can adopt another technique. Active Waiting State is the state when we are thinking what we are doing. While giving our exams, we should focus only on the exam instead of thinking about the result. To think about the result means to waste time.
In this state you pay attention to your body. And to stay in the present, it is very important to pay attention to the body.

Listen to those small voices, which are roaming in your mind like:- “You should work now and don’t want to waste time!” But don’t see that voice as good or bad, and don’t try to follow the advice. Just smile at it and accept that even this thought exists. By doing this, you will learn not to follow it even after noticing your mind.

Unavoidable Pain

Friends, Eckaart Tolle further tells about a very interesting topic. Even though you live completely in the present, but still we cannot ignore some feeling of Sadness and Pain.
Friends, it is true that most of the pain is Self Created. But that doesn’t mean that we have created it.

A good example of Unavoidable Pain is those people who trouble us with their Destructive Mind. So when we experience something painful. So accept it exactly as it is.
Friends being sad is a natural feeling. You don’t have to be Guilt for this
Things are as they are.
That is, I wish it did not happen, I wish it were so, you should not waste your time thinking like this.
By staying in the present, you can avoid most of the pain but not all the pain.

Living in the present does not mean ignoring the pain. Instead it provides your inner strength to accept the difficult and painful facts of life.

Living in the present can also provide you with new sources and new ways to solve problems. It is certainly true that living in the now can bring you a new kind of strength and determination, because you do not waste your inner resources in creating problems. In fact, by being in the present, you don’t really see any problem – just look at Individual, Manageable Situations, which you can solve one by one. It makes you more effective.

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