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think and grow rich Summary & Review

STEP-1: Desire

We must have a great desire to achieve something big. When you want something with all your heart, it becomes reality in front of you. By constantly thinking about your dream, you start looking for ways to achieve it.

You will get success only when you know what you want to achieve. Author has given a 6 step method by which you can fulfill your desire for money.

First of all, think about where you want to go or how much money you want to earn, you have to think about a fixed amount so that you can make your dream come true.

The second step is that you have to decide what you can do to earn this much money. You have to give something to get something.

The third step is to set a specific date on which you intend to receive your desired amount.

The fourth step is to think of a definite plan from which you can get this money and you have to move forward on that plan without hesitation.

The fifth step is to write down your plan somewhere. And finally, the sixth step is that when you have your complete plan, then read it twice a day – after getting up in the morning and before going to sleep at night. By doing this you can keep an eye on your work and motivate yourself to do it.


When we have positive thoughts, then everything starts going well with us. But when we think negative then bad things start happening automatically.

If we start to believe that we cannot change our circumstances, it means that we have written our own misfortunes. Because as we make up our mind, the same things will really start happening.

Our beliefs are very powerful, you have to have a firm belief in your mind that you will definitely get what you want because desires are fulfilled only with unwavering faith.

If you find it difficult to have unwavering faith, then repeat this thing over and over again in your mind that you can have what you want, and your wish will surely come true.

Just once, take care of being rich in your mind, then your faith will remove all the limitations for you and give you success.

STEP-3: Auto-Suggestion – Means Self Hypnosis

In auto-suggestion, we think about the things that we want to do, by doing which we can take ourselves towards success.

When we keep saying that thing to ourselves again and again, there comes a time when our mind accepts it as truth and we are able to do that work.

That’s why it is said that always fill positive thoughts in your mind. Repeat this every day what you want. Make this desire your habit.

Then one day this habit of yours will actually give you such opportunities by which your success will become a reality. Friends, with the help of auto-suggestion, we can learn to trust ourselves and do everything that we want to do.


Successful people always keep increasing their knowledge. They know that the more they study, the more successful they become.

To be successful, we need specialized knowledge, not just common sense, and it is not enough just to have specialized knowledge but also to use it.

If someone would have been successful just by acquiring knowledge, university professors and scientists would have been the greatest and most successful people in the world, but it is not so.

To do something big, not only knowledge is needed, but special knowledge is needed. To acquire specialized knowledge, you do not need to take admission in any university, nor do you need any degree.

You can get a lot of information without even going to school. For this, you read books of different authors, go to seminars or any educational program.

Special knowledge means knowledge of his field of work, for salvation, a great player does not become a player just by studying college, he has to take special training about his game and has to practice continuously, which makes him a great player.


Albert Einstein said – Being intelligent does not mean how much you know, being wise is about how much you can imagine.

Imagination is the only way with which we can turn our dreams into ideas and our ideas into reality.

Great people in the world have used imagination to achieve success. Whatever the great people wanted to be, they first imagine it in their mind.

For example, before a scientist invents an object or machine, he imagines that thing in his mind, how it will look after being made, and how it will work.

Whatever things we see around us today, like internet, mobile or social media, behind all this is someone’s imagination.

If you want your imagination to remain intact, then you keep imagining from time to time.

The more you imagine, the more your imagination will increase. With this you can become more successful with time.


You cannot be successful unless you have a solid plan. Planning is the first step to fulfill your wish. So before doing any work, make a complete plan and write it on a paper. If your first plan fails, work on the second.

And even if the other one doesn’t work, don’t give up and keep on making new plans until a concrete plan is implemented. Remember how Thomas Edison had tried ten thousand times and then he was successful in making the light bulb.

The second example is Henry Ford, Henry Ford was not successful only because of his intelligence, he managed to become the king of the car business because of his plans.


Rich people do not waste their time in taking any decision, but after taking the decision, if there is any deficiency in it, then they gradually make necessary changes in them.

Rich people do not easily fall under the influence of people’s words, but rely on their own ideas. When you make a decision to do something, you should stick to it. You should never take advice from anyone other than your team members to achieve your goals.

Take Henry Ford, who was known for his quick decisions and strong intentions. It was because of his ability that he got the inspiration to make the “T” model car. While many of his advisors advised him to change the design of the car. But Ford did not agree and kept on making the Model T and remained firm on its decision. Ford proved it right, and the “T” model became the best-selling vehicle of the era.

Taking the right decision at the right time, and sticking to it, was the secret of Henry Ford’s success. So friends, listen to your inner call and take the right decision. Taking the right decision means knowing what you want and knowing this.

STEP 8: PERSISTENCE – Persistence

There are many people who give up once they fail and stop living their dreams. Sometimes it seems that some hidden guide is putting too many obstacles in our way just to test us.” Defeat is just one way to test our will power.

When you make a habit of moving forward without stopping, then defeat will never become a hindrance in your path. It is very important to be stubborn in order to be successful. People will always tell you that you cannot do this work, but it is better for you not to listen to such people. If you work according to everyone’s thoughts, you will not be able to do anything.


Friends, master mind means the exchange of knowledge and effort with a sense of harmony between two or more people for the attainment of a certain purpose. No person can attain great power without providing himself the benefits of the master mind, so friends, human beings only possess the power of nature, habits and thoughts of those people with whom he associates with a sense of sympathy and harmony.

You must have seen many times that when you talk to a person, while talking to him, you get some new idea for yourself. You probably would not have got this idea if you did not have a conversation with that person.

So make friends with the people of your field and make your group with them. There were about 50 people in the group of famous American industrialist Andrew Carnegie who shared their ideas with him, held meetings to make and sell iron. Due to the group of these 50 people, Andrew Carnegie became the biggest steel businessman in America. Friends, by doing this you too can move ahead in your field and get success.


The subconscious mind is the connecting link between the limited mind of man and the infinite knowledge. It is the medium by which one can at will attract the forces of infinite knowledge. To strengthen your sub-conscious, inculcate in your mind thoughts filled with money, love, passion, and hope.

Never let negative thoughts enter your mind. Thinking negative can never make you successful and neither can you become rich. So always try to have positive thoughts in your mind so that you can understand it better.


The human mind is the most powerful machine in the world, which no supercomputer can compete with. It can be used as both a sending and receiving device. Do you know that ten to fourteen trillion nerve cells are found in the cerebral cortex of our brain and all these cells are arranged according to a particular order.

This method of arrangement of nerve cells enables us humans to work physically and mentally. Our brain is also responsible for our emotional and mental state. This is the same mind that we all have but we all do not make full use of its power.

You recognize the power of your mind, give it some work and then see how it handles it, you just have to believe in the ability of your mind. When you have unwavering faith in your mind, it will show you the way and give you ideas.


The Sixth Cess is a part of our sub-conscious mind that handles our creative imaginations. This is what connects us to the infinite intelligence of the world. This sixth sense connects both our mental and spiritual states and acts as a medium that connects our mind with this infinite universe. Our sixth cess not only gives us creative ideas but also sometimes indicates the dangers that may come.

The 6th sense acts like a receiver through which the idea of ​​doing some work comes in our mind. A person cannot make a thing unless he has a clear idea of ​​that thing in his mind. When Thomas Edison was trying to make the Light Bulb, he used to see a clear picture of the bulb in his mind every day.

Keep fear out of your mind and focus on your goals. Create a clear picture of achieving your goals in your mind. Put all your strength and energy into fulfilling the dreams of your life. you can get what you want

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