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To Kill a Mockingbird is a novel by the American author Harper Lee. It was published in 1960 and was instantly successful. In the United States, it is widely read in high schools and middle schools.

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Overview Of To Kill A Mockingbird PDF

Book NameTo Kill A Mockingbird
AuthorHarper Lee
Size600 kb
PDF linkAvailable

Summary Of To Kill A Mockingbird PDF

In this novel, a 6-year-old girl named Scout Finch is telling the story of her childhood days.

Scout lives with her older brother Jem and father Atticus in a town called Maycomb in the state of Alabama. His mother had already died.

At that time, America, like the rest of the world, was also suffering from the Great Depression. The economy was in bad shape. Poverty and hunger were increasing.

But Scout’s father Atticus was a well-known lawyer. That’s why his family was much richer than the rest. And they lacked nothing.

It’s a hot summer day. There were holidays in schools.

In those days, a boy named Dill came to live with his aunt in the neighborhood of Scout.
Scout and Jem became very good friends with him. And the three children used to play different games throughout the day.

One day Dill saw a mysterious house falling on the way. and asked about it. Scout told that a scary man named Boo Radley lived in that house. No one had ever seen him. But very scary stories were told about him.

And the children were asked to stay away from that house.

But Dill wanted to see what Boo looked like. They peep through the hole in the wall. But they don’t see any.

Schools open when the holidays are over. And Dill goes back to his house.

Scout and Jem keep getting gifts every day they come out of Boo’s house while going from school. which they like very much. A year passes like this.

Dill comes again next summer vacation.

This time, the three children climb the wall and go to Boo’s property.
But then suddenly someone shoots at them. He was Boo’s brother Nathan.
The children start running away in fear.

Meanwhile, Jem’s pant gets stuck in the bushes and does not leave. Panicked, Jem takes off his pant and runs away.

When the children reach home, Atticus explains to them not to enter anyone’s property like this.
And someone fired only to scare them and not to kill them.

The next day Jem sees that his pants were kept on the fence outside Boo’s house. Somebody even sewed torn pants.

Jem took his pants back.

After this, Scout and Jem continued to receive more gifts outside Boo’s house in the winter.
Which Boo used to keep secrets from them.

Once a fire broke out in someone’s house in the neighborhood. Scout was watching the people putting out the fire.
Then ashes and sparks started falling on him. But someone covered her with a blanket to save her.

Scout felt as if Boo had done this to save her.

One day a black man named Tom is falsely accused of raping a white girl named Mayella. Judge Taylor tells Atticus to fight Tom’s case.

The white people of Maycomb were racists. They used to look down upon black people.
When Atticus took Tom’s case, everyone started condemning him.
He started getting many taunts.

Scout and Jem were also called classmates of their school – Nigger Lover.

At Christmas, the black cook of Atticus, Calpurnia takes both children to the church of black people. Their black people meet children very fondly.

A day before Tom’s case starts, some people gather with the intention of mob lynching Tom. Atticus comes to the rescue.

Scout and Jem also sneak there.

Then Scout recognizes a man. The man’s son used to study in Scout’s class.
Scout starts having a child-friendly conversation with the man about his son.
This leads to a change of heart in that man. And that man sends the gathered people back home.

Then Tom’s case begins. The whole place is full of people.
There was no place to sit anywhere.
Scout and Jem sit down at a place with black people.

Atticus proves that both Mayella and her father Bob were lying.
In fact, Mayella had called Tom over to her.

But when his father Bob saw Mayella with Tom, he went mad with anger.
He abused and killed Mayella. Due to this, there were marks of injuries on his face.
He then asked Mayella to implicate Tom in a false rape case.

Atticus presented sufficient evidence of all this in court.

But despite all this, the jury of the white people convicted Tom.

After this incident, Jem lost faith in the judiciary. And he fell into despair.

Atticus said that he would try again so that this decision could be changed.

But in the meantime, innocent Tom tried to escape from jail. And he was killed by the bullets of the guards.

Although the decision came in Bob’s favor but still Bob was very angry.

Atticus had exposed him in front of everyone in the court. Now no one respected him.
So he decided to take revenge on Atticus.

He slanders Tom’s widow.

He also tries to forcefully enter Judge’s house.

And when Scout and Jem are on their way back home on Halloween night, they are fatally attacked. Due to this, Jem’s arm gets fractured.

But then Boo reaches there. He clashes with Bob.

In the end, Bob gets stabbed during the fight. And he dies.
(But it is a mystery in the novel whether the knife was from Boo or Jem!)

Then Boo picks up the injured Jem and takes the two children to Atticus. The sheriff (SHO) comes there and takes full information about the incident.

He says that it will be written in the report that Bob accidentally slipped and fell on his own knife. Due to this, he died.

That’s when Scout realizes that Boo, who saved them, is the man who lived in the mysterious house.
And he saw her for the first time today.

After all these incidents Scout’s father Atticus advises him that we should try to understand the suffering of others.

And for them, we should have sympathy not hatred in our hearts.

In the end, the author says that even after seeing the hatred and discrimination closely, she will not let her faith in humanity be lost.

Because along with evil he has also seen good in humanity.

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FAQ About To Kill a Mockingbird

What is a short summary of To Kill a Mockingbird?

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What are the 3 main themes of To Kill a Mockingbird?

3 Main Themes Of To Kill a Mockingbird are –
– prejudice.
– family life.
– courage.

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