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This classic novel in English literature is based on the tragedy-filled Victorian romance of Heathcliff and Catherine. Read its summary below.

Once upon a time, a man named Lockwood lived in a village in England – a great man named Thrushcross Grange.
rents the house (estate). After some time he goes to meet his landlord named Heathcliff.

Heathcliff himself lived in an estate called Wuthering Heights. A girl named Cathy and an illiterate young man named Hareton also lived with him. Everyone in the house sees Lockwood filled with despair. And no one there even takes special care of him.

Due to snowfall, Lockwood has to stay there for the night. At night she hears murmurs coming from Heathcliff’s room. He was talking to Catherine’s ghost in his sleep.

When Lockwood picked him up from his sleep, he looked very sad. All this aroused Lockwood’s curiosity about Wuthering Heights and the people who lived there.

The next day Lockwood came back to Thrushcross Grange. He also had a slight fever due to the cold.

He then urged his housekeeper, Nelly, to tell him the story of Wuthering Heights and the people there.

Nelly agrees to it. And she begins to tell Lockwood the story of Wuthering Heights.


Years ago at Wuthering Heights, Mr. Earnshaw lived with his family. At that time Nelly was only a child and there was a servant in their house.

Mr. Earnshaw had two children – son Hindley and daughter Catherine. Once Mr. Earnshaw goes to Liverpool for some work. When they return, they also bring an orphaned child with them.

Whose name was Heathcliff. They start raising her like their own child. Meanwhile, his wife dies.

Mr. Earnshaw’s son Hindley does not like Heathcliff at all. He fights with her and often kills her too.

But Catherine mingles with him. And the two always play together. After some time, Hindley is sent to the university to study.

After some years Mr. Earnshaw dies. By now all three children had grown up.

Hindley returns to Wuthering Heights, which was now named after him. His wife Frances also comes with him. Hindley got married while studying.

He took his revenge on Heathcliff as soon as he arrived. and made him like a laborer in his fields. But still he was very close to Catherine and was deeply in love with her.


One day Heathcliff and Catherine reached Thrushcross Grange while roaming around. At that time Mrs Linton lived there with his children Edgar and Isabella. Who was the same age as Catherine.

There Catherine was bitten by a dog. Mrs. Linton asked her to stay there and treated her.
Began to do While Heathcliff was sent home.

After a few days, Catherine recovered and returned home. But now she had fallen in love with Edgar. This complicated her relationship with Heathcliff.


One day Francis gave birth to a son, Hareton, but during this time Francis died. Due to this Hindley became intoxicated with alcohol. and began to oppress Heathcliff more.

Catherine was in great confusion. She tells Nelly that she is in love with Heathcliff. But because of her low status, she cannot marry him.

She then agrees to marry Edgar. When Heathcliff learns this, he is heartbroken.

He runs away from home. After he leaves, Catherine realizes her mistake. She falls ill with the grief of Heathcliff’s passing.

With time she gets married to Edgar, but she was not happy with the married life. He keeps on remembering his childhood love Heathcliff.

Heathcliff returns after three years. Suddenly he had become very rich. Now he wanted to take revenge on all those people who had wronged him throughout his life.

Hindley was addicted to gambling as well as alcohol. He loses a lot of money gambling and takes a loan from Heathcliff.

But Heathcliff instead mortgages Wuthering Heights. Which was his plan. After some time Hindley dies. And Wuthering Heights belongs to Heathcliff.


Over time Isabella, who appears to be Catherine’s sister-in-law, falls in love with Heathcliff. Heathcliff even marries Catherine to burn her. But he never treats Isabella well. Because he didn’t love her at all.

This also makes Isabella’s life sad.


One day Catherine falls ill. Heathcliff goes to meet him. She gives birth to a girl named Cathy. But Catherine dies during childbirth.

Heathcliff drowns in an ocean of sorrow. He requests Catherine to become a soul forever.
stay with him. No matter how you harass him, but never leave him.

He then digs Catherine’s grave himself and is buried there. When Isabella sees that Heathcliff was in love with Catherine, she is filled with grief. and leaves her and goes to London.

There she gives birth to a boy, who is named Linton.

Similarly 13 years pass.

Nelly is now the nursemaid of Catherine’s daughter, who has passed away at Thrushcross Grange
Used to work Cathy was as beautiful as her mother and as gentle as her father, Edgar.

He didn’t know anything about Wuthering Heights. But one day he wandered around Wuthering Heights
is reached. where she meets Hareton. who was the son of his deceased maternal uncle Hindley.

After that they both often play together.

One day Heathcliff receives news of the death of his wife Isabella. Then his son, Linton, comes to live with Heathcliff.

He was very weak physically. But Heathcliff treats her as cruel as her mother.

Three more years pass like this.

One day Cathy meets Linton when she comes to Wuthering Heights. And they both fall in love. Both keep writing love letters to each other.

But it is soon revealed that Heathcliff was the one who forced Linton to fall in love with Cathy so that he could take control of Thrushcross Grange. And to snatch Catherine from Edgar
Can take revenge

One day when Edgar falls ill, Heathcliff – Nelly and Catherine are sent to Wuthering Heights.
calls. He then takes them captive there and forces Catherine to marry Linton.

Edgar dies after marriage. But after a few days, Linton also dies of the disease. Thrushcross Grange now belongs to Heathcliff.

Then he makes Nelly the housekeeper there. and Cathy to stay in Wuthering Heights
compels. He treats her like an ordinary servant.

This is where Nelly’s story ends. At the same time, Lockwood had taken Thrushcross Grange to live on rent.

A few days later Lockwood becomes bored and leaves Thrushcross Grange and returns to London.
He goes away.

But after 6 months he comes again to meet Nelly. Nelly tells her what happened in 6 months.

While living in Wuthering Heights, Cathy initially did not like the illiterate Hareton much. But over time he saw that he was of very good nature.

In fact, Heathcliff interrupted Hareton’s education to take revenge on Hindley. Which left him illiterate. But now Cathy was teaching him. And both fell in love with each other.

On the other hand, Heathcliff had not forgotten Catherine even after so many years. Everything in Wuthering Heights
Reminds him of Catherine.

He felt that Catherine’s ghost was always around him. He was always talking to her. The onlookers thought him insane.

One day he spent the whole night hanging out with the imaginary ghost of Catherine. And due to the cold, he died the very next day.

Wuthering Heights and Thrushcross Grange were now named Hareton and Catherine. And they also decided to marry the following year.

After hearing all this, Lockwood goes to visit the graves of Heathcliff and Catherine.

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