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Do you think you can’t live your dream life? Are you stuck in some bad situation or work? Are you spending your time watching such useless videos or playing games on mobile?

Are you not happy with your life and want to change it?

The life of the author was just like yours. But one day she decided that now she will bring a change in her life. In this book, she has told how she became such a successful, happy and confident girl from a girl who wasted time watching TV.

We will learn all these things from You are a Badass Summary.

This book will teach you to love yourself more, accept yourself. You’ll learn about the old rules and regulations that are holding you back and how to change them.

You will also learn how giving thanks for small things, sharing your things with people by expanding your heart and thinking of forgiving can change how much your life can be changed.
You will also learn how to fill your mind with thoughts that will help you live a wonderful and beautiful life.

So let’s get started!

My Subconscious Mind Made Me Do It

The environment in which we grow up since childhood. Whatever we hear and learn, the same things and beliefs are imprinted in our subconscious mind. Even after we grow up, those things remain the same. We do not even realize that after growing up, our likes and dislikes have a deep effect on everything taught by our parents.

Think that your father’s job or business is not running properly, due to which there is a shortage of money. They always complain about how difficult it is to earn money. He keeps on taking out all his anger by kicking on the furniture and his nature has become irritable. They are unable to spend time with you because they are trying to earn money for a happy life.

As a child, all those things sit in your subconscious mind. This thing settles in your mind that earning money means facing difficulties, how difficult it is to earn it. It hurts so much and because of this you could never spend time with yourself.

As you grow up, you may also feel pain and sorrow about earning money and saving it. Even after earning money, you will always feel that it is also less. Or it may also happen that you will have a lot of money but you will waste it by spending it. Because it’s ingrained in your mind that having more money means losing the person you love.

You do not even realize that your subconscious mind is always casting its influence on your decisions like a shadow. That is why we should give direction to our subconscious mind with right things and right things. Because our subconscious mind is the blueprint of our life. We will get life just as thoughts are sown in it.

The writer says that everything in this universe, whether it is a living entity or a non-living one, has a frequency. Similarly our thoughts also have a frequency. According to the thoughts that we have grown up with since childhood, our subconscious mind (subconscious mind) attracts the same things in our life. The subconscious mind is a very powerful thing. That is why we should recondition it properly. In this those thoughts and beliefs should be put which will attract happiness and success in our life.

Present as Pigeon
A pigeon lives only in today. He roams from here to there in search of good food. After a full meal, he becomes satisfied and happy. Neither does he worry about tomorrow, nor does he grieve about the past.
But man is always immersed in worry. We keep on complaining about small things in such a way that we do not see the miracles happening around us. We don’t feel the happiness we have now.

We have many such modern means by which our life has become so easy. But we don’t even notice it. Do we have to experience death up close first to appreciate all the good things around us? We should learn from children and animals how they live in that moment and become happy with small things. How much do you have in life? Look at all those blessings and blessings. Have faith in the fact that if you do something good today, only good things will come to you. Learn to live in the moment you have now. Don’t worry about the past or the future. The moment now is special. Pay attention to all the good things that are happening to you.

Everything you need in life is already here. The money you want to earn, the happiness you want to have, are all here. You just need to make it a part of your life. For example, photon, electron, -ve, +ve energy, the power of magnet, all these were always on earth. Recognizing this power and using it as electricity was discovered by nikola tesla. That is to say, the things you wish to get are already here. You just need to see it and understand how you can get it.

Love The One You Is
When you were born you used to take deep breaths. Danced, sang as he wanted. Lived freely, lived happy. loved openly. But as you grew up you started learning fear and shame by coming in negative things of others. started hiding his talent. Which filled you with sorrow. Do not get involved in negative things of others. Life is short Live it open Use it to achieve your dreams. Do the thing that makes you happy.

You are very special There is no one like you in this entire universe. Love yourself, love yourself Don’t compare yourself to others. By doing this you are insulting the universe and your ability. Whatever you think you should learn, improve or do better, do it. Who has stopped you? But do not insult your uniqueness, your merit by comparing.

I Know You Are But What Am I?
Don’t worry about what people think of you. Doing so is just a waste of time. Whenever you make a decision, you should think about 3 things.

-> Is this really what you want to be, do or want to achieve?
-> Will it take you to your destination?
-> Are you hurting someone by doing this?

You just have to think about so many things. Other than that everything else is bullshit. You should have nothing to do with what people say about you. This is just their job. Those who point out our faults or faults in us, may be so defeated that they take out their anger on you. Don’t care at all about such things. Stay cool You will be happier with this thought. Do what you like to do.

When the Right Brodars were thinking of making an airplane, at the same time many people called them crazy. Used to say that it is not possible to make such an aircraft that can fly in the air. and take people from one place to another. But the Right Brodars did not care for anyone and they did the most amazing work of that century. People’s job is to say something or the other. People who speak negative, it shows how negative they think about life.

Don’t let your happiness crush your dreams with these negative things. Everything is a dream at first. And with constant effort, it becomes a reality.

Give and Let Give
Giving or sharing something to someone is one of the greatest joys of life. This is a very deep and powerful feeling. Michelle had a disease of multichloroshis. Due to which the signal of the brain does not get to the body properly. Due to which all the problems start in keeping balance properly, in sight etc. During the treatment, his mentor told him to give up 29 things in 29 days.

At first he did not agree to this. But later due to the increasing disease, he thought why not implement it. On the first day he spoke to a sick friend on the phone. Then made cookies to your neighbor. Every day she kept on doing something good, helping others. This made him feel good.

On the 14th day she was feeling so good that she could not believe it. Apart from this, he also made a lot of profit in business. She started writing blogs about it and started asking others to do the same. His blog was read by thousands of people around the world. This blog was read so much that Michelle also wrote a book called 29 Gifts.

If you want good opportunities, good things to come to you in life, then first learn to give. This is a universal law, for every action there must be some reaction. The more you give, the more will come back to you.

Gratitude The Gateway to Drug to Awesomness
When you say thank you about something, it does not only mean that you have a good manner. This thing tells that whatever good thing you have got, you accept it happily and appreciate it wholeheartedly. When we say thank you, we feel good and the person in front feels good. This has the effect of a positive energy. Saying thanks brings more blessings and happiness in our life.

When something bad happens, try to find something good in it too. For example, when you are coming from school with children, and your tyar becomes pucture. So instead of being irritable, think that you have got some time to spend time with your children. You can teach them how to deal with such sudden accidents. And you can ask how their day went or even play a game.

Most of the day, we keep thinking about what went wrong. But forget the good things that happened in that day. Any small good things Like you saw a beautiful flower. Or heard a good thing. Or are we on good terms? Ate good food, anything good that we don’t pay attention to. Write a thank you note everyday. Note down every small and big good that happened throughout the day and thank him. This will take you towards more positivity. Your mind will be good and you will get more happiness and blessings.

Forgive or Fester

Whatever makes you angry or annoyed, let go of it. Stop arguing about how you are right and the other person is wrong. Learn to forgive The longer you keep getting angry about that thing, the longer it will keep hurting you.

Forgiveness doesn’t mean you’re just treating others well. But he is treating himself well. As long as you hold onto it, you will be burdened with shame, oppression, hatred and anger. And keep wasting your time, it will be difficult to move forward in life again.

The Almight Decisions
When Henry Ford told his engineer to work on the idea of ​​the V-8 engine, then those people suggested that it was not possible to do this. But Henry Ford stuck to his decision. His employees kept trying and one day this seemingly impossible thing became a reality.

“Those who persevere in their goals, they definitely get success.”

How many successful people are there who have failed many times? But he did not give up until he won.
When Henry Ford was trying to establish his business, he went bankrupt. Michael Jordan, who is a great basketball player, was dropped from the high school basketball team, saying that he is not a good player. Beethoven, who is a great musician, his teacher said that he lacks the art and understanding of music. But today all these people are successful in their respective fields.

In the same way you too can achieve your dream. If you want to achieve your dream and are ready to work hard then no one can stop you. Stick to your decision, stop making excuses. Leaving old bad habits and start a new one.


We can learn from this book

You can become such a person who makes every effort to fulfill his sapne, he believes in himself and does not give up.
We can break those old rules that keep us from moving forward. We must live in today and love ourselves.
We should not care what others think of us. The mind should be filled with good and positive thoughts.
Helping and Forgiving Others Expressing gratitude, appreciating the one who is near.
You are an amazing human being of this wonderful universe. Absolutely unique, there is no one else in this universe like you. Believe in this, it’s true.

Life is too short, smile more. Share happiness Whatever you give to others will come back to you too. Do not hurt your heart, say things that touch your heart. You will like it, others will also be happy. What you give to others will come back to you.

Hope you liked “You Are A Badass Summary” and got a good lesson.

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