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Why should we think like a monk? The answer to this question is in the book Think Like a Monk by Jay Shetty. Bestselling Self Help Book of 2020, Think Like A Monk by Jay Shetty, includes a combination of Ancient Wisdom and Jay Shetty’s personal experiences to help individuals implement a monk mindset in their lives.

In this episode of Books Summary, Think Like A Monk Summary aims to show you how to overcome negative thoughts, reach peace and use your potential with true purpose. Jay Shetty says that implementing Lesson Of The Monk for a busy life can be challenging. But it is the lessons that offer advice and exercises to reduce stress in life, develop self-discipline and focus, and maintain relationships in the modern world.

Who is Jay Shetty?

Jay Shetty is an award winning Viral Videos Creator, Motivational Speaker and BestSelling Author. Jay Shetty launched her YoutubeChannel in 2016. And to date, four years later, he has over 4 billion views on YouTube as well as over 20 million ( 20 million ) globally. Jay has been nominated in FORBES 30 Under 30.

He had a daily show, HuffPost Live, which attracted 1 million daily viewers.

Jay’s life changed when he met a monk at the age of 18. At the age of 22, he spent three years traveling across India and Europe as a monk. His daily routine starts at 4 in the morning. Jay wakes up, takes cold showers, meditation and food. He used to meditate for about 4-8 hours every day.

Jay Shetty is back in the society from her monk life today. They aim to help people in the busy city apply the monk mindset from their personal experience.

Let’s friends now know what is so special, in Jay Shetty’s book Think Like a Monk, why Jai asks to think like monks?

Jay writes that our identity is like a mirror covered in dust. We have no idea who we are, what we want to be, what we want. Jay explains that cleaning your mirror will not be a pleasant experience. But, only once you remove the dust obscuring your mirror, you can see your true reflection.

Dust removal allows you to see who you really are. Jay explains the difference between Detachment and Attachment and says that Attachment has to do something in a particular way. On the contrary, Detachment is the best way to do something. The problem with attachment is that you think you know the best way.

You need to be more deliberate about the values ​​you follow. Our values ​​guide us in life. Jay gives the example of some special film actors Heath Ledger and Daniel Day-Lewis. These actors use the method of acting to better adapt the role they are playing in the film. And play that character in such a way that after leaving the character, one often feels lost. Actually they start adopting the identity of this character.

If you are constantly following your life on the basis of projects rather than your purpose, then you will be lost when these projects fail. You are not at the end of your final journey when you choose to aim over projects. Instead, you are at the beginning of who you are going to be.

We often curse ourselves on our mistakes, demotivate ourselves, instead of beating ourselves up, you should learn the art of forgiving yourself for your mistakes. You should be flexible in your dealings with yourself. If you feed your resilience effectively, you will be happy with what life has to bring you.

Jay explains that you should not walk on the battlefield of life without your training and shielding.

There are three steps to prepare yourself for the negative battlefields of life:

  1. How do we start our day? With whom do you do it? What do you think? This is very important. According to a research, 80% of people look at their phone in the morning before their partner. Instead, first thing in the morning when you wake up create a thing you love, a work of art that inspires you, or a photo of your family that means a lot to you. Seeing these things first thing in the morning brings in you a positive energy and enthusiasm to start your day. This energy and enthusiasm helps you face negative things and challenges throughout the day.

Conversely, looking at your phone first means you start your day by reacting to other people’s agendas.

  1. Jay talks about the power of smell. You use scent or perfume in your daily life. The biggest reason for peace and positivity in temples is the aromatic things used there like sandalwood, musk, incense sticks etc. Which help to create positivity and calmness which helps to protect you from negativity.

3.– Jay talks about how irrelevant sounds can increase your cognitive load. While in New York, Jay was beginning to feel exhausted for no real reason. After reading academic articles, he learned how having irrelevant sounds in your environment can increase cognitive load. If you have news in the background or nearby drilling is getting louder, you’re wasting 80% of your cognitive load. Try and create an environment where you are intentionally creating sound – for example, choosing music that uplifts you and energizes you.

“When you learn a little, you feel like you know a lot. But when you learn a lot, you realize that you know very little. ,

Jay Shetty Quotes

“The Grass Is Greener When You Are Watering It”– Jay Shetty

Whatever work we do, what is your intention regarding that work, this is a very important thing. Jay says that your intent should always be aligned with your action. Being aligned means looking for the right thing in the right way. Positive intention is so powerful that you can do the wrong thing with the right intention and still get to where you want to be.

You need to stop and think about why you are doing the work you are doing. Always remember one thing that don’t let external factors drive your inner happiness. Letting external factors drive your happiness means you are putting your happiness in someone else’s hands. You are giving up your control over your happiness.

A normal morning routine is the key to setting up your day in the right way. Jay explains that having a powerful routine is key to having an incredible day. However, Jay doesn’t suggest that you should be someone who gets everything done in the morning. You don’t need to work hours in the morning or achieve your life goals in the morning. Despite this, Jay outlines some simple practices you can do to help positively impact your morning routine.

Don’t look at your phone – When you look at your phone in the morning, you already let messages and notifications come in and override your mind. You are already setting yourself up to be reactive throughout the day.

Plan your next day the night before – Jay explains that people make decisions during the morning that will affect the rest of their day. For example, in the morning, we decide what to wear, eat and do that evening. However, Jay did offer some warnings against decision fatigue. We can make wrong decisions if we have to make them in the morning of that day. Therefore, Jay recommends making simple decisions today about tomorrow. This approach will allow you to make big decisions when you come to the office, because you won’t be judged by ordinary decisions.

Integrate Time Into Your Life – Jay gives a brief introduction to TIME.

T = Thankfulness Try and be grateful for the things you have in your life, because o you have today, millions of people don’t. Find at least a minute every day to be truly grateful.

I=INSIGHTS Try everyday and take some time for insight during your day. Jay recommends doing this while listening to a podcast or listening to an audiobook while traveling. These mediums will help keep your brain growing and active. Doing so can improve your quality of life and well-being.

M=Meditation Jay does not suggest that you have to engage in long meditation sessions. Instead, try and meditate for 2 minutes each day. A small amount of meditation will allow you to keep calm and give you mental clarity.

E=Exercize. Just 15 minutes of exercise every morning will help you feel energized when you need it. Location has energy, and time has memory. If you do the same thing day after day in the same place, you’ll find your days off a lot easier.


Jay explains that his experiences as a monk helped him learn that our minds influenced our values. We are not brains, but our mind is what is important to us as a vehicle for decision making. Our brain is full of the movies you watch, the music you listen to, the books you read, TV. And the brain uses these information to make decisions for us.

That’s why it is important that we put good things in our mind, keep it full of positive energy. tamper with.

One way to ensure that you are feeding your mind with positive things is to observe and evaluate effectively through integrating space, peace, and silence into your life. When you tune into the opinions, expectations, and obligations of the world around us, you can begin to listen to yourself. Silence allows you to differentiate between outside noise and your voice.

In the modern world, people are often afraid of being still and alone with their thoughts. That’s why we make our days out, so we’re too busy to listen to our thoughts. If you listen to yourself, you will be guided by external factors. Music, videos and news will be the things to provide you with your purpose.

Sit down daily to see how the day went and what emotions you are feeling. Every month, try to move to an environment you’ve never been to before. Visiting these new places will help you explore yourself in a different environment. If I only find joy in my success, then I am limiting my joy. But if I can enjoy the successes of my friends and family — ten, twenty, fifty people! —I get fifty times the experience of happiness and joy. Who doesn’t want that?

If you don’t know who you are, you won’t know what you want from a relationship. Subsequently, you will be sending the wrong signals and attracting the wrong people. All challenges in relationships have a heartfelt solution to what we are asking for and what we need. Most of us are asking for something from a relationship that we don’t really need.

One common thing that people want from their partner is time. However, your partner may not be able to spend time with you even if you are in the same place. For example, if one of you is sitting on your phone and the other is watching TV, you’re not really spending time together.

Therefore, Jay explains that it is very important to have three things in a relationship: Presence, Attention and Intimacy. That is, along with the Presence of your partner in the relationship, there should also be his Attention and attachment towards you.

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